I live off-grid on 20 acres of land – I was worried about missing my eldest when he moved out, but he’s not gone far | The Sun

A MOM who is raising her family on a 20-acre homestead off the grid has shared her feelings after her eldest son moved out.

The TikToker joked about not missing her son too much after he flew the nest.

In her video, TikTok user Michelle Hansford (@hansfordsoffgrid) showed her followers footage of her son as he made the big move from home.

"When you live on 20 acres off-grid and the oldest kid moves out," she captioned the clip.

Michelle's son could be seen trudging across the snow-covered garden.

He carried a foam pad, which he was likely using as a mattress, with him as he embarked on a new chapter.

However, as Michelle continued to film him it became clear his new abode wasn't too far from the family's homestead.

"I’m sure going to miss him," she joked as her son climbed into his camper van parked just feet from the house.

Michelle's son parked his RV in the standalone garage next to the driveway.

The Hansford family previously lived in the suburbs but decided to sell their home to move to a rural area in Washington State.

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In another clip, the family revealed that one of the ways they make money is by foraging for huckleberries.

They also have a variety of animals on their homestead, including chickens and pigs.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on Michelle's son's big move.

"Oh he will visit very often I’m sure," joked one viewer.

Another follower pointed out he was still "close enough to get supplies."

"Stop I was like awwww. This is so cool. I love the homestead with the whole family and everyone has a space to escape on their own," commented a third person.

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