How to Monetize YouTube Channel – a Complete Guide

Knowing how to monetize YouTube gives you not only subscribers and popularity, but also a steady income. Many bloggers are wasting their time. They create YouTube channels, but do not use their capabilities.
Remember that every day of downtime is wasted money. And what you should really think about is how many subscribers you have on your channel and how to get more of them. At you can buy 1000 or even 10000 subscribers YouTube without any difficulty. Guarantee and high quality will not leave you indifferent. Below we look at the best ways to make money on YouTube, let’s analyze the features and rules of application.

Where to start monetizing on YouTube

The considered ways of monetization are available to registered users who have their own channel. No less important requirement – participation in the affiliate program of the service. Connecting to it opens up additional opportunities:

  1. Access to getting help from the employees of the support service of the authors. Specialists help find solutions to complex issues, deal with technical nuances, give answers regarding copyright and help in solving problems with the account.
  2. Use the matchmaking tool to find videos from other users’ YouTube channels.
  3. Access to the YouTube monetization mentioned above.
  4. To participate, you must meet the following requirements: adherence to the rules of the service; living in the state where the affiliate works; having at least 1000 subscribers; number of views over the last year more than 4000 hours; YouTube channel is linked to the AdSens profile.

Once the decision is made, do the following:

  • Check your YouTube channel for eligibility.
  • Log in to your profile.
  • Login to the Creative Studio and Monetization section.
  • Click the notification link when your YouTube channel’s parameters reach the requirements.
  • If your YouTube channel qualifies, click Start.
  • Accept the terms and click on Done.
  • Link your AdSense profile to your YouTube channel.
  • Wait for verification.

If rejected, resubmit the application after the 30-day period.

There are a total of 4 ways to make money on your YouTube channel:

  1. Google Adsense ads;
  2. advertising brands;
  3. affiliate programs;
  4. The sale of their own goods or services.

Google Adsense

You can make money on YouTube with Adsense – this is when your videos will show ads before, during or after your video, and you will get money for it.
Google Adsense is an advertising service that Google has integrated into YouTube. This service automatically places context-appropriate text and image ads on websites and on YouTube. Site and channel owners who place ads receive revenue for clicks and ad impressions.

In Google Adsense you get 55% of the revenue from ads shown in your videos, while YouTube keeps 45%.

Unfortunately YouTube channel monetization is available for owners of channels that have at least 1000 subscribers and have accumulated at least 4000 hours of views over the past 12 months (it used to be easier – you only need 10 000 views over the whole history of the channel). To monetize your channel, you need to become a member of the YouTube affiliate program.

Under this program, when you reach 4,000 hours of views and 1,000 subscribers, only then can you activate the monetization option available at the link: Creative Studio > Channel > Monetization. Then your videos will start showing ads from other advertisers, for which you’ll get money.

In order to monetize your channel you will need to link your YouTube account to your AdSense account. If you don’t have an AdSense account, you will need to create one. There is a link to an article on how to do this in the description of this video tutorial.

Ad format

When you turn on ads, you can choose the format of the ads. Several options are available here:

  1. Media Ads. Appears on the right or below the window. Designed for PCs.
  2. Overlays. Transparent ads, appearing at the bottom and taking up no more than 20%. Suitable for PCs, can be in graphic or text format.
  3. Video ad with an overlay. This is a commercial that can be skipped after five seconds. Sometimes appears before the content launches or in the middle. Used on PCs, smartphones, and set-top boxes.
  4. Video ad without skipping. Unlike the last option, the video must be seen to the end. This way of monetizing your YouTube channel is suitable for smartphones and PCs. The length of the ad is 15 or 20 seconds.
  5. Screensaver. This is a 6-second ad, placed before the main videos. Suitable for PCs and smartphones.
  6. Product Ads. These look like tooltips with information related to the products or services in the video. Appears for a few seconds and can be closed. Applies to computers and phones.

Ad topics are selected automatically and depend on meta-data provided by the author, region and other factors. If no ads are added to the video (when the option is enabled), it indicates that there are no suitable ads at the time of viewing.


Let’s look at the CPM (cost per mille) – price per thousand and RPM (revenue per mille) – revenue per thousand. Both indicators allow you to estimate your income per 1000 ad impressions in your channel.

  • CPM (cost per mille) refers to the price per thousand views. This is the term advertisers use, and this number does NOT mean your earnings will be exactly that. CPM is the price an advertiser pays for every 1000 views of their ad appearing on your channel.
  • RPM (revenue per mille) means revenue for every 1,000 views. This figure indicates how much the channel gets for every 1,000 views after YouTube takes its percentage and other revenue splits.

Your income consists of how many times the ads were present on your channel, and the type of ads. It is very important to understand that if an ad is missed after 5 seconds, that view will not be monetized, and therefore you will not receive income for that view.

How much can I earn in Google Adsense?

Google Adsense brings channel owners a mere penny. You should not expect to earn much from advertising on your channel. Especially in Russia. A million views on YouTube brings in between $120 and $3,000. In Russia, however, you will receive a minimum of that.

What exactly affects your income in AdSense? How do you increase your income?

  • The geography of your impressions. It makes a big difference in what countries your ads are shown. The highest income comes from countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany and the UK. There is also a list of countries that pay the least, such as Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Taiwan;
  • viewing time. If you put three ads in a long video, you will earn more than one ad in a short video. Therefore, the longer the video, the more income it will bring;
  • niche. In some areas, advertising is much cheaper than in others. For example, the most expensive niches are insurance and finance.

To increase your income, you need to make videos for rich countries, i.e. in English, make longer videos and choose a monetary niche.

Brand advertising

American video bloggers Michael and Lauren earn much more than Google Adsense when they partner with big brands. For example, one brand paid them $12,000 to create 10 videos about their brand. These videos were published on Michael and Lauren’s channel), and the videos were in the area of interest of the channel’s subscribers. They usually now charge $1,000 for the first minute of the video and $500 for each subsequent minute of the video if they publish the video on someone else’s channel.
If you have an English-language channel, you can connect your channel to American, and that will help you estimate how much to charge for mentioning someone else’s product or for a video review of someone else’s product. Mike and Lauren say this service has very low prices, but it’s a good place to start.

The requirements for launching such monetization:

  • Number of subscribers of 30,000 or more;
  • participation in the YouTube affiliate program;
  • 18 years of age or older;
  • no marking that the channel is intended for friends;
  • availability of the option in the region of residence;
  • the author’s compliance with the requirements of the platform.

How do you find advertisers?

Usually they contact you, but if not, you can contact them or use the English-language service, which connects youtubers with over 5,000 subscribers and brands. But again, this is if you have an English-language channel. I am not aware of such services for the Russian-speaking audience.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs bring much more money than Adsens. And depending on the topic and the affiliate program itself, you can earn even several times more than on advertising brands.

What is an affiliate program?

It is when you leave a link in your video to some product on another site, and if visitors to your channel will follow these links and buy products, you will receive a percentage of sales.

And even if the visitor of the affiliate site does not buy the product immediately, the information about his visit will be saved in a cookie in his browser for 30 days, and if he will buy the product later or buy other products, you will still get your percentage.

It’s very important that the product you’ll be advertising on your channel is thematically related to your videos. For example, you shouldn’t advertise washing machines on your gaming channel, but if you offer to buy a game that you made a video about, you might get your channel’s audience interested.

Here is a list of popular American services where you can find interesting affiliate programs:

  • Sharesale;
  • Commision Junction;
  • Clickbank;
  • Rakuten;
  • Affiliate Window.

You can also register as an Amazon affiliate and offer products from the world’s largest American online store in your videos.

If you want to find a domestic affiliate programs, then type in Google query: “CPA network”.

You can make a lot of money on affiliate programs, even with a small channel. Much more than in Google Adsense!

Selling your own products

This is the most profitable and lucrative way to monetize your channel! You will get 100% income into your pocket, compared to affiliate programs, and your income is potentially unlimited!

Create training courses and ebooks. You can even create your own real product, like soap, cream, constructor, game. Anything you want!

You can make a great income on the sale of your products, even with a small audience.

Which way to monetize your channel?

Why choose? Use all methods. Connect Google Adsense, find monetary affiliate programs, partner with brands and create your own products. Diversify your sources of income!