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GETTING a professional in can be costly, especially when it comes to deep cleaning. 

Having a more thorough scrub down on household items can push the price up as professionals will use industry tools to get a better clean. 

But one money saver has discovered just the trick to getting an ‘industry’ clean for cheap on her rug. 

The average hourly rate for a carpet cleaner is around £60 to £120 per hour, according to Check A Trade. 

And one woman managed to get her carpet clean for a fraction of that price.

Liz Neptune instead took her rug to a car wash, and used their jet washer instead. 


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Liz, who goes by the name of ‘ofalltheginjoints’ on TikTok, shared a video showing exactly how she cleaned her big rug. 

She captioned it: “Being frugal can make you VERY creative!!!” 

Liz explained to the camera why she needed it to be cleaned and it was because she has dogs. 

Speaking to the camera, she said: “So I had a brilliant idea, right?

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“Got this carpet from Walmart. Love this carpet. It's filthy.

“I got two dogs (which), poop, throw up on it, all that stuff.

“So I looked into carpet cleaning, but it's so freaking expensive.

“It cost more than the price of the carpet.

“So I'm like, Yo, I need to figure out where I can clean my carpet in peace, okay?

“So I was like, oh, s**t, why don't I go to a hand car wash?

“We can show you how clean.”

Liz turns the camera to the carpet and you can clearly see the dirt which is coming out of it. 

She continues: “Look, it's coming out. It's literally coming out.

“How much we paying? $2. We paying $2? By the end of it, this will be no more than 8 bucks to clean the rug.

“I bought this rug for $100 at Walmart, and, you know, it wasn't this rug of my dreams, but it was cute and it was my style and I was really sad about the idea of having to throw it out.

“And now my carpet is back down, looks almost brand new.”

The video attracted loads of views, with over 11.7k liking the cleaning video. 

Thousands rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One wrote: “This is a great idea for apartment living. No yard no hose borrow a fence from a friend.”

Another added: “I lay mine over the fence and pressure wash it. Works like a charm!” 

A third asked: “How do you dry it?” 


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To which Liz replied: “Outside in the sun, hung it over a fence. Took about five hours.” 

A fourth commented: “Great idea! Beautiful rug!” 

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