I'm a vet tech – my four least favorite dog breeds, number three's breath stinks and the second 'wants to kill' people | The Sun

A VET tech has issued a warning about four canine breeds that have some less-than-appealing characteristics.

These four-legged friends might look cute but they can also make things a bit too ruff.

She made sure to point out the potential problems with each animal.

"My least favorite dog breeds to work with and the reasons," said Maddux (@jor.1206).

They might be known for their appealing appearance, but she wanted others to beware of this breed: the husky.

"Dramatic and loud," she said of the blue-eyed dog.

Next up was the chihuahua.

The animal professional doesn't want pet owners to be fooled by this compact canine.

According to her, they want to kill you for no reason.

She also doesn't want unsuspecting dog lovers to be deceived by the small stature and white coats of the Maltese and Maltipoo.

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There are two very specific reasons why.

"Stinky breath and terrible teeth," she warned.

If you don't want a drama queen in your life, stay away from this last breed.

The dramatic pug might not have the best temperament for everyone.

The vet tech's followers seemed to relate to her assessment of each breed.

"I agree," said one such follower.

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