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THE Kardashians are one of the richest families in the world – and it seems that there is some healthy competition when it comes to making money. 

Caitlyn Jenner, 73, who was married to 67-year-old Kris Jenner for 23 years, has exclusively revealed the family’s hunger for success. 

Kim, 42, Kourtney, 44, Khloe, 39, Kendall, 27, and Kylie, 26, are believed to have a combined wealth topping £1.6billion.

At one point, Kim was one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram in the world but Kylie soon overtook her spot, whilst also becoming one of the youngest self-made billionaires in the world after setting up her makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics. 

Caitlyn says: “Competition in a family is a good thing, just make sure you use it properly.

“Kim had the most Instagram followers and Kylie was really the first one to start a business with Kylie Cosmetics and it was just taking off.



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“Then Kim went through a few things and she finally found her way with SKIMS and some of the other projects she is doing. 

“She is doing extraordinarily well, because of those and now she is branching out into other things and investments in other companies.

“I (recently) saw this thing on Kim, it was some some business guy talking about her because she's reaching out and branching her business in different areas and he goes, ‘I say within 10 years she’ll be the richest woman in the world.’

“I thought ‘my little Kimi, are you kidding me?’

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The Californian family shot to fame in 2007 with the launch of their Keeping Up With The Kardashians TV series.

Caitlyn says: “I did 400 and something episodes in an 11-year period, and to be honest with you those were some of the best times of my life.

“We did so many things together as a family, I watched my two youngest Kendall and Kylie grow up on camera. I have the best home movies of anybody in life. 

“It’s just phenomenal. 

“I told them from the beginning, being a celebrity or doing a show, or being famous whatever you want to call it – first of all don’t let it go to your head, every person you meet can do something better than you can do. 

“Everybody does something better than you, so remember that and stay humble and appreciate other people -d I think that’s so important in life. 

“But also being a celebrity and being famous is a business and you must treat it as a business – and if you are really smart you can build a tremendous business out of this. 

“Obviously out of all of the kids, they have all done extremely well out of that but in particular Kimberley. 

“She has been an entrepreneur and business woman since day one, she was always very smart and very capable.”

But Caitlyn believes that money shouldn’t control anyone and that there can be some downsides to being rich too.

She says: “It’s kind of interesting, I’ve been on both sides.

“In the old days I had nothing, and I was happy – and I’ve also had a lot of money and it doesn’t make you any happier. 

“It’s nice to have it and it gives you more freedom.

“But it also causes other problems. 

“You see a lot of these people who win the lottery and they have hundreds of millions of dollars that all of a sudden these people get a hold of and then you go back and do a report ten years later and they are all a wreck.

“The money's all gone, what did you do?

“Having a lot of money creates other problems. 

“But I’m all about being happy in your soul, doing what makes you happy.

“Life is very short and when you are young, you don’t think it is and when you get older you realise my gosh, I’m at the point now where so many of my friends are dying.

“There’s a beginning, middle and end. Enjoy the middle and I will love every day.”

Caitlyn has provided a no-holds-barred insight into the superstar family in bombshell Sky documentary House Of Kardashian.

Since the release of the trailer, Kris is said to be “furious” at Caitlyn ahead of the series.

Caitlyn says: “I haven’t spoken to them (Kim or Kris), no I pretty much do my own thing now.” 

But she insists that “everybody is trying to get the scoop.”

Caitlyn, who was originally known as Bruce, came out as a trans woman eight and half years ago. 

Since then she has appeared on the front cover of Vanity Fair and become an inspiration for many others across the world. 

She says: “Going through what I went through, it was a big decision for me. 

“At first, you take your appearance so much more seriously because for so long you had to hide all of this stuff. 

“That is the fun part, being able to dress up and do something. I enjoyed that because I wasn’t able to do that for so long. 

“Now I just wake up in the morning and just be myself, I don’t have to lie to anybody. 

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