Wynonna Judd & Reba McEntire 'declared war on insecure’ Gwen Stefani, her time on The Voice is a chess game, says expert | The Sun

GWEN Stefani must power up her presence on The Voice or face losing her coveted coaching job, a body language expert has said.

She claimed the No Doubt singer's position on the TV show looked "concerning" after Mega Mentor, Wynonna Judd arrived on set.

Wynonna, 59, is expected to make a return to The Voice tonight for another three-way Knockout.

During the second Knockout on Tuesday, the country singer, an old friend of Reba McEntire, 68 took a swipe at Gwen, 54.

Wynonna called the mom-of-three a “hussy." She cozied up to Reba and helped mentor her acts.

Among the regular judges, pressure has been mounting since Reba replaced Gwen's husband Blake Shelton on the show.

Now body language expert Judi James has claimed Wynonna has "one eye on Gwen's throne."

She suggested Reba and Wynonna looked "sinister" in a clip shared on Instagram on Wednesday.

In an exclusive interview, James told The U.S. Sun: “This was a two against one scenario.

"This was an open declaration of war against Gwen.

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"Miming male voices, Reba narrowed her eyes in a gesture of cold anger.

"Reba and Wynonna's facial expressions looked concerning, almost sinister.

"Reba's smile flicked on and off like a switch.

"The thing animals fear most is signals of fake rapport and friendship.

"The person who eventually might be knocked out of The Voice is Gwen Stefani.

"Wynonna likely has an eye on Gwen's throne."

James noticed Gwen wore a black and white outfit at the start of the season and chequered nail polish on Tuesday's show.

"Gwen had that look similar to a chessboard, " she said.

"Now her position on The Voice is playing out like a game of chess.

"This shows up in her chequered nail design and clothes.

"Her husband quit the show, leaving her exposed, weaker and more vulnerable.

"Reba brought in her buddy to challenge Gwen’s alpha female status."

Wynonna's job includes mentoring with the coaches through the Knockouts.

Three artists on each team sing a track of their choice and compete for a spot in the Playoffs.

James confirmed the Mega Mentor ended up "colluding" with Reba about Gwen.

"In another clip, Wynonna performed a poker face but her side-eye expression shows collusion with her friend," she said.

"We saw Wynonna and Reba standing together and Reba waving both her fists in the air.

"She had her thumbs clamped over the top.

"This was a fight signal, while Wynonna stood immobile watching her."

James noted how Reba and Wynonna sat close in a third clip shared on Thursday.

"Reba had her arm around the back of Wynonna’s chair," she added.

"Wynonna tapped her fingers onto her thighs in a metronomic gesture to suggest impatience.

"Reba stopped mid-flow to tell her ‘Oh I’m glad you’re here’ in a very congruent message.

"Wynonna pats her to agree with the thought.

"The two women look like they are making plans for this take-over.

"Gwen needs to watch her back out there in this competition."

As previously reported by The U.S. Sun, Reba’s arrival alongside Niall Horan, 30, and John Legend, 44, put a strain on Gwen.

The No Doubt frontwoman has since tried to turn things around.

Fans claimed the pop star started "sucking up" to the “Queen of Country” and called Reba “our Queen” on set.

One wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: "Gwen continuously sucking up to Reba is quite exhausting. And zero funny tbh."

The Grammy-winning artist boosted her looks with standout dresses and makeup.

Followers on The Voice's Instagram account said Gwen was "serving looks."

James said: "Despite Gwen's efforts, there are new signals of insecurity from her.

"She looks to be self-diminishing subtly.

"She pulled her arms in towards her torso in a self-hug ritual.

"Gwen pat her hair in the kind of grooming ritual that often seems to re-boot self-esteem and confidence.

"Gwen was already isolated with her husband gone missing.

"Reba and Wyonna were showing off long-term close bonding signals and a joint competitive streak.

"This all suggested Gwen might have a bigger battle on her hands."

The Rich Girl singer has been in and out of the series since the outset.

Season 7 was her first after which she appeared in seasons 9, 12, 17, 19, 22, and 24.

Gwen and Blake first started dating after they met each other on the show in 2015.

After Gwen came back on Season 24 following Blake's exit she admitted she was "struggling."

In October during the blind auditions, she texted Blake for help.

James added: "Reba was already challenging Gwen's role and now, in a very threatening-looking move, Wynonna appeared.

"Reba has brought in her buddy.

"Gwen responded with nervous gestures such as clasping her hands and forming a barrier with Wynnonna.

"This showed that she had smelled danger.

"Gwen has attached herself to the other coaches like John.

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"Reba and Gwen had put some effort into creating bonding since Reba arrived on the show.

"But now their professional demeanor hints at something more competitive under the surface."

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