Big Brother’s Hallie’s mum breaks her silence after Farida’s ‘gay’ questioning

Big Brother star Hallie's mum has praised her transgender daughter after fellow housemate Farida asked if men who fancied her would be ‘seen as gay’.

Hallie's mother Samantha appeared on Big Brother spin-off show Late & Live on Tuesday, when she said her 18 year old daughter had handled the situation ‘so well’. Fans of the ITV2 reality show were left divided by 50 year old Farida’s line of questioning – with some praising her for wanting to educate herself, while others felt she was ‘saying the wrong thing’.

Speaking about Hallie on Late & Live, Samantha said: “She knows when to stop it if a line gets crossed but she also knows that she does have to explain as well. Some people don't know.”

Hallie's mother did not criticise Fardia for asking the questions, however. She said: “Farida said when she was walking into the house, that she wants to learn things, she wants to teach her own faith and culture.

“[Hallie has] handled it so well. She's coming out just being herself and it's lovely for the whole world to know the real Hallie that I know.

“She's very grown-up. She's had to grow up fast. I had to bring her up fast to comply with the world that she's going to be brought up in because of being trans.”

On Tuesday’s episode, Farida started to ask about Hallie’s relationships with men – but the 18 year old interjected and said: “I haven't had a relationship yet.”

Farida then said: “If a guy was to get with you would they be seen as gay?'

Hallie replied: “I won't have sex until I have my full transition. There's men out there who specifically like trans women, and there's men out there that will just see me as a woman, and just be with me as a woman.”

Later, Hallie discussed the conversation with other housemates. She said: “When Farida said to me, 'if a man was to be with you does that make them gay?' I was like no I'm a woman, they like me like I'm a woman. She was all confused.”

Hallie went on to say Farida's line of questioning was 'frustrating' before adding: “I was like, you need to chill out babe. If that made them gay I would be a man.”

Later on, Farida clarified her intentions with Hallie, saying: “The thing is that I don't believe in bullying. I was just curious because I feel it's my first opportunity… it's a social experiment being in here. Different people celebrating their culture and what they're about.”

Some viewers however were left feeling unsure about how Farida approached the topic. One wrote on X/Twitter: “So much respect to Hallie for having a mature convo with Farida and not going off at someone who's trying to learn but saying the wrong thing.”

Others meanwhile felt that Farida was doing the right thing in trying to educate herself. One commented: “Why is it wrong for Farida to ask Hallie questions if she doesn't understand? It's not like she was asking in a disrespectful way.”

Elsewhere on Tuesday night’s show, fans also believed they had spotted a potential romance blossoming between Zak and Noky. During the episode, the housemates were set a challenge that required all contestants encouraged to get in the big bed together – with the last person to leave winning a special treat.

During the task, banker Noky gave professional model Zak a head massage – and the cosy moment caused fans to speculate that a romance could be on the cards.

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