Big Brother shock as Farida and Kerry risk axe in first eviction

Farida and Kerry are the first Big Brother housemates up for eviction and could be leaving the house during the first live axing on Friday night, 13 October.

After only living together for a few days, the housemates each had to decide who to nominate with Kerry and Farida receiving the most votes.

With the nominations being revealed on Big Brother: Late and Live, viewers were shown a short clip of Big Brother telling the housemates who would be facing the public vote.

And despite being told that they could potentially be axed from the house, neither Kerry nor Farida appeared to be shocked by their fellow housemate's decision.

Fans were quick to react to the nominations on social media, and seemed much more surprised, with one writing: "Nominations are Farida (no shock!) and Kerry (SHOCKED!) #BBUK #BigBrotherUK"

While another argued that it was too earlier for them both to be up for eviction, as they tweeted: "farida and kerry both being up for eviction before we’ve gotten a proper argument out of them has upset me #BBUK"

"Honestly it'll be an absolute TRAGEDY if we lose either of them tomorrow. Big Brother has been BUILT on middle aged women like Farida and Kerry to bring something that the "boring image protecting 18–30's crowd" never will.. we NEED to see their feud reach boiling point #BBUK" added a third.

The nominations come following a rather dramatic first week in the iconic house, with a feud starting between Farida and Kerryduring the recent shopping task, and fans predicting a potential romance between Zak and Noky.

And although it's been less than week since the iconic show made its return to UK TV screens, some unhappy viewers have already accused the show of saving one housemate from eviction.

After Jenkin picked Olivia as the housemate he thought would be the hardest to live with she was told that she would be among those up for eviction this week.

But then in another twist, she was given the chance to win immunity from eviction, if she could avoid being ranked 'least entertaining', which she easily succeeded at.

"Clearly they don’t want her out first. The utter bull**** rigged programme has started already #BBUK," one disgruntled fan wrote on X – formerly known as Twitter.

A second wrote: "FFS!!! Seems like a fix already! Obviously the producers want to kerp her in, can get immunity now! No point in voting, they already have an idea who they want for top 3.#BBUK".

"Feel like Olivia would probably not be ranked last anyway… a bit rigged #bbuk" chimed a third.

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