Virgin River fans ‘work out’ tragic Lizzie and Denny baby storyline

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WARNING: This article contains season five spoilers

Virgin River season five, part one came to a dramatic ending with Lizzie (played by Sarah Dugdale) potentially pregnant, and while it’s yet to be confirmed fans think they’ve worked out the upcoming storyline.

Lizzie was introduced in season two of the Netflix hit as Connie’s (Nicola Cavendish) troubled niece who was sent to the small town from LA after landing a shoplifting offence.

However, she wasn’t ready to change and began to rebel against her aunt by getting involved with Dan Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) and Ricky (Grayson Gurnsey).

Lizzie and Ricky eventually got together and started a romantic relationship but after Connie caught them moments after having sex the pair were banned from seeing each other.

Sadly, their romance was short-lived after the waiter opted for a career in the military and was deployed.

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In season four, Lizzie and Denny Cutler (Kai Bradbury) embarked on a romance after he relocated to Virgin River.

Although it started off sweet, the newcomer couldn’t bear to fall in love as he was living with Huntington’s Disease and knew any relationship would end in turmoil.

As a result, fans believe Lizzie’s potential pregnancy could end in termination as Denny was certain he didn’t want to pass down the inherited disorder.

Taking to Reddit, u/RingABlingBling predicted: “He’s going to want to abort their baby due to his Huntingtons (not wanting to pass it down), while Lizzy will want to keep it.

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“I bet this’ll be a big friction point for them breaking up … Fully predict they will break up, Lizzy will keep the baby, and writers will character assassinate Denny as the dad-who-left [sic].”

During the finale, the couple sit down at the Labour Day carnival where Denny lifted the lid on his grandma Rose’s (Susan Hogan) advice.

She was certain Denny was “making a mistake” by staying in Virgin River and he should “travel and get back on track for med school.”

However, he admitted he didn’t want to leave and told Lizzie: “I didn’t think I had a future but with you, I’m starting to see one.

“And I know that you’re so happy here, but do you think that there’s a chance that you might want to come with me?”

Before Denny could say anything else, Lizzie blurted out: “Denny, I… I think I’m pregnant.”

Responding to the abortion theory, an uncertain u/SelfImportantCat wrote: “It’s a long way from I think I’m pregnant to confirming her pregnancy and how far along. Could be a total false alarm.”

While u/Purple-Instruction53 anticipated: “He will probably go off to wherever he wants to go. He will promise to come back. He won’t (death? another girl?).”

Virgin River seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix.

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