‘I’m a glam model but men are intimidated by my 6ft5in height – dating is hard’

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    Going out with a Babestation model is an opportunity many would gladly take on – but one woman who flaunts her curves for the racy TV channel says her dating life is a disaster.

    Charlie Mill – affectionately known as Amazonian Charlie – stands at 6ft5 and believes this is partly why she is “so unlucky in love”.

    The stunning brunette, 27, is open to settling down but she is struggling to attract the right sort of man who appreciates the real her and not the kinky persona.

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    Charlie, who lives in Teesside, has been banned from dating apps while blokes are either “too intimidated” by her height or by the personal protection officer that keeps her safe on nights out.

    Speaking to Daily Star, she said: “I am so unlucky in love in my dating life – or lack of! I either have a lot of shorter guys who fetishise me and want me solely for my height and they overlook my good attributes, they just see my height.

    “Or I have guys who are intimidated by my height because it makes them feel less manly. To me it just shows an insecurity within themselves, so I do think my height makes things more difficult, but I suppose that’s because I have not met the right person.”

    Charlie, who used to be a carer, was already banned from Tinder but was recently booted from Bumble within just 24 hours – despite not interacting with anyone.

    She believes this is because she linked to her social media accounts where her Babestation career is mentioned, something she said is often stigmatised.

    And talking about how her job has impacted her love life, she said: “You get scrutinised for being in the adult industry and then you have to try and find somebody that isn’t fetishizing me shall we say.

    “They all think Charlie is 24/7 and they expect a Babestation model 24/7, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, whatever. That’s opposed to getting to know the real Charlie, which is someone who likes a lot of outdoor activities and horse riding and hiking and going up to the Lake District and stuff like that, so it’s very difficult to do that.”

    She added: “There doesn’t seem to be a lot of traditional meeting in a bar any more and because of my status and the fact I have Ryan (personal bodyguard) with me when I go out, men don’t feel like they can approach me because of my security but that is needed.”

    Eager to change her fortune, Charlie applied to go on Channel 4 programme First Dates in recent days. But if she was to find her dream man on the show, she would have one strict non-negotiable requirement from him.

    Explaining, she said: “I think I would have very high expectations. I would need someone who could match, if not out earn, my salary.

    “That’s mainly because if we were to ever settle down and move forward and proceed with a family, if I am not working, this individual would need to be able to support me and clearly any future generation and that is not going to happen if they don’t have a decent income.”

    Despite setting a high bar financially, she insisted that she wouldn’t discriminate against a potential match over physical attributes like height.

    She said: “It doesn’t really matter to me. I wouldn’t class myself as a shallow person. I would very much like to go for someone based on how they treat me as an individual and how they are able to support me within my industry and how they would be able to contribute to the relationship as a whole.”

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