August 30- On this day: 47 years ago (1976) rapage at Notting Hill Carnival

47 years ago (1976)

We reported on clashes between the police and attendees at London’s annual Notting Hill Carnival.

Violence flared when officers tried to arrest a
small gang of pickpockets and onlookers came to their defence amid rising tension between the police and the black community.

More than 100 police officers and 60 members of the public were hospitalised during the violence.

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66 years ago (1957)

Malaya celebrated its independence from Great Britain in a ceremony which saw power handed over to the country’s inaugural Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Having previously worked with the British, Rahman was hailed as the “Father
of Independence” and stayed in power until 1970.

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24 years ago (1999)

The first in a series of apartment bombings in Moscow killed one and wounded 40.

Four later explosions hit apartment blocks in the Russian cities of Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk, killing more than 300.

Vladimir Putin’s popularity was boosted by his tough handling of the attacks.

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