‘I ditched finance job to become an escort at 55 – it’s made me a better mum’

A woman who ditched her high-flying finance job to become an escort at the age of 55 claims it's made her a better mum.

Single parent Sarah* ditched her $100,000 (£81,000) a year job as mortgage broker just two years ago to become a call girl instead – and is now making $700 (£569) an hour and $5,000 (£4,066)for an overnight stay as a high-end escort. She has no regrets and says it's the 'best decision she's ever made'.

Sarah opened up about her job change to former escort and journalist Samantha X in her podcast Xposed. She told her: "I've thought on and off about escorting for years – I think most women do at least once in their lives? What woman doesn't want to feel adored and desired?

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"I was sick of working 12-hour days and never having enough time for my kids. I wanted a more flexible job, a better lifestyle and to be around more at home. Corporate bosses say they are flexible but they're not, there would always be raised eyebrows every time I left to take the kids to sporting events and appointments. I was getting sick of being judged at my age and being a single working mum isn't easy."

Being divorced twice-over and in her 50s, the fit blonde Aussie mum worried she would be 'passed her sell-by date' and that no men would ever want to book her. However, that wasn't the case. "I found the opposite is true, that men chose me because of my age, my life experience and my confidence," she said. "I thought I would be too old in my 50s but I am just getting busier and busier. I have no plans to ever retire. As I age, so do my clients."

Sarah says sex work in her 50s has transformed her self-perception and relationships with men. The mum-of-two teenagers said growing up in a strict Catholic family meant sex was rarely discussed and considered taboo.

"Sex was something to be ashamed of, I grew up thinking sex was bad," she said. She claimed her two marriages only led to insecurities about her body, adding: " 'I felt ashamed of being naked. I was the kind of wife that had sex lights off and would quickly put my clothes on after."

However, becoming an escort later in life boosted her self-esteem and made sex more exciting for her again. She said: "It's given me confidence in my body, my age and with men. Now I love my body and feel more content and empowered than I ever have and that is largely due to feeling desired from men. Sex work has taught me boundaries. The more I worked, the more my confidence grew. I have men tell me I am beautiful all the time now."

Despite her staggering earnings, Sarah says being an escort isn't cheap as you have to spend out on travel, clothes, shoes and lingerie. She keeps her job a secret due to stigma, but says it has made her a better mother, given her disposable income and a lot more time.

Sarah says her clients range in age from 19 to 70, adding: "I get all types of men – older men, younger men, divorced, married, single, young ones who love MILFs which is really flattering! They mostly all want conversation and to feel appreciated." She says she'll carry on being an escort as long as she has clients interested.

*Name changed

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