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IF you are struggling to get rid of stubborn mould that’s gathering around your windows, fear not, we’ve got you covered.

There’s nothing more annoying than spending ages scrubbing away, only for mould to grow back just a day later.

But luckily for you, cleaning enthusiasts and fans of influencer Mrs Hinch, have revealed the six simple ways to battle mould.

And don’t worry, there’s no dehumidifier in sight – so you won’t need to go out and splash the cash on pricey gadgets.

In fact, these quick and easy tricks are super cheap and you may already have the answers in your cupboards.

And if not, the cheapest hack will cost you as little as £1 – yes, you heard that correctly. 

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Posting on social media, on a public Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, which has a staggering 341,100 members, an anonymous user asked cleaning fans for advice on how to get rid of mould for good.

She asked: “Wondering if anyone could help please, been in our new house just over a year so this is all new to me, but my partner noticed mould round our kitchen window and a couple dots on the actual windows?? 

“He cleaned it but it’s came back now… now we have just noticed mould around our kitchen door too. 

“I have a little boy and due another baby in four weeks and I’m sure I’ve read mould can be quite harmful.

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“Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of it for good please??”

Cleaning fans rushed to the comments, eager to share their advice.

Six popular methods arose – tea tree oil, salt, baby milton sterilising fluid, vinegar, Fairy liquid and bleach.

One user simply wrote: “Tea tree oil.”

Cleaning fans have found that if you mix two teaspoons of tea tree oil (which you can buy for as little as £1), with two cups of water and spray the solution on mould, it can be an extremely effective method for battling mould. 

At the same time, another added: “Cup of salt by windows to absorb moisture, ventilate well, open windows after showering, cooking and drying, washing anything that adds moisture to the air.”

A third commented: “Condensation [is] the culprit, wipe down any visible mould with baby Milton Sterilising fluid (mixed with water) then dry with microfiber cloths.

“Also leave windows open slightly throughout the day, repeat most days and it should soon settle down, but mould stains will never come out of silicone seals around windows so add some once treated.”

Meanwhile, someone else advised: “I suggest using vinegar as it will kill the mould spores.”

At the same time, another user recommended: “A mould company told me to wash the area with hot water and fairy liquid. 

“One wipe per cloth because mould is toxic and then you bin the cloth. Wear a mask. 

“Wipe over with 3% hydrogen peroxide, spray with Ronseal mould spray, then paint using mould paint. So far [it’s] worked for me. 

“Try not to put furniture like beds up against walls without breathing room – know that doesn't apply to your window and door but it may help someone else. 

“Root problem could be guttering.”

Finally, others suggested using bleach, as one cleaning enthusiast explained: “Raw bleach. Anytime I've done it I’ve not had a problem with it coming back.” 

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Thrilled with the advice, the pregnant woman later penned: “Thank you all so much for the great advice!!! I really appreciate it.” 

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