'Ruthless' Kylie Jenner's ambition for praise could lead to 'friction' with 'softer' Timothée Chalamet, says expert | The Sun

BEYONCÉ concert makeout buddies Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet may never move past casual dating, an expert has said.

While both are ambitious, Timothée's work ethic may clash with Kylie's need for recognition — and she's also likely the controlling one of the pair.

Kylie, 25, and Timothée, 27, shocked fans this week when they were photographed smooching at a Beyoncé concert.

The pair packed on the PDA at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, on Monday, with the Call Me By Your Name actor even copping a feel of Kylie's backside.

Romance rumors began swirling about the unlikely couple in April, but the concert was their most public appearance.

Despite the two being very hands-on, a source told Entertainment Tonight that they were seeing each other "casually" and "trying to keep it low-key."

But "low-key" may be tough for Kylie, who very much lives her life in the spotlight.

And compatibility expert Michelle Bell points to signs that the reality star's need for praise could cause issues with hard-working Timothée.

Bell's app, Cosmic Fusion, combines people's Western zodiac signs, Chinese elements, and Chinese animals.

In Cosmic Fusion, Kylie is a Leo Fire Ox, while her beau is a Capricorn Wood Pig.

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"Both the Leo Fire Ox (Kylie) and Capricorn Wood Pig (Timothée) are ambitious when it comes to their career, which can be positive and negative," Bell told The U.S. Sun.

Kylie's sign is more ambitious "in terms of wanting praise and recognition," needing to be the center of attention.

Meanwhile, Timothée's sign has "a sense of responsibility and a strong work ethic," and he's a "selfless, caring and down-to-earth person."

"This could cause some friction in the relationship as their reasons to reach their goals are staggeringly different," she explained. 

Kylie's sign "can be ruthless when they’re on a mission to get what they want," which may not sit well with Timothée, "who is a much softer and more caring character."

"The Capricorn Wood Pig (Timothée) tends to think about how a situation can benefit them and the people around them. They want to achieve success for themselves and their family.

"Conversely, the Leo Fire Ox’s (Kylie) wild ambition can be a little self-serving.

"While the Ox is one of the most loyal signs in the Chinese zodiac, the Leo and Chinese Fire element can be self-centered. 

"In terms of their astrological compatibility, it's pretty unbalanced.

"Kylie is a far stronger, more feisty, and more dominant sign in comparison to Timothée, who's actually a pretty relaxed, sensitive, and easygoing character.

"She'll likely be the controlling person in the relationship and the decision-maker."

It's certainly not all bad for Kylie, though. Her sign is "charismatic, powerful, and phenomenally ambitious," plus quite charming.

That makes her "practically destined for success" and a "born leader."

On the flip side, the Little Women star has positivity and enthusiasm that are "infectious."

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"They’re very creative so they’ll likely be drawn to the artistic world," Bell noted, adding that his signs are practical and "known for their versatility."

The Cosmic Fusion app is available on Apple and Android.

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