I’m a beauty whizz and there’s a simple perfume hack that will get you the best scents for free – it’s so easy | The Sun

A SAVVY shopper has revealed her clever method to ensure she always has a supply of perfume on hand – and best of all, it’s free. 

Jess Whitney, an influencer who talks all things fashion, took to her social media account to share her hack with her with people. 

Dressed in a multi-coloured button up shirt with her brunette mane styled down to frame her face, she said: “Let me put you onto a perfume hack that I know not many people have actually thought of.” 

She went on to share that every time you go into a store to buy a perfume, you should always ask for testers. 

Jess explained you should do this “even if it’s the tester of the perfume that you just bought".

If you’re lucky and the salesperson is “feeling generous” that day, you may even get more than one tester for it. 

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“They’re actually usually more than happy to give these testers away for free,” she continued. 

It means you could go into a store and get free, small bottles of your favourite perfume without spending money on a full sized one at all. 

Jess said this method is how she ended up with a huge collection of testers and even brought out a giant tray full to the brim with them. 

After pretending to ask herself what she does with them all, she replied: “I put them in every single bag and every single coat that I own.

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“Get one tester, pop it in a bag and leave it there. Pop it in the other bag, leave it there.”

Jess explained when you’re out and you’ve either forgotten to put your perfume on or maybe you need a top up but obviously didn’t bring the full sized one with you – this is a life saver. 

“You’re always going to be smelling good,” she said. “You’re welcome.” 

People flocked to the comments to share their thoughts over the hack as one person said: “But what if they say 'do you want me to give you a smell on the paper tester?' Instead of giving me these, what am I supposed  to say? (sic).” 

TikTok user @jess_whitneyx replied: “Say no! Ask for a small sample haha,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

Another person shared: “You’re an actual genius.” 

Referring to Jess’ collection of sample perfumes, a third asked: “Can you name the big ones?” To which she responded: “Frederic Malle, Louis Vuitton, Chloe”. 

And others revealed they’d been doing this for a long time as one shared: “Yes that’s what I always do, perfume in all my bags”. 

While another added: “I’ve been doing this forever”. 


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