I couldn’t clean nasty bathroom stains before a $4 Amazon buy, now with a few seconds of scrubbing they’re gone for good | The Sun

A CLEANING supremo has removed stubborn and nasty bathroom stains thanks to a $4 Amazon buy.

It took a few seconds of scrubbing, but now the disgusting marks are gone for good.

But those with a weak constitution might want to look away before seeing the toilet she had to tackle.

Equally, those sitting down to a snack might want to resist those hunger pangs, because this is one filthy job and it might put you off food for a while.

It was no great shakes for Snowenne (@snowene_cleans), however, who describes herself cheerily as a “cleaning motivator.”

This was just as well. She went beyond the call of duty in this task.

She has 212,000 followers on her TikTok where she creates “fun and entertaining cleaning videos."

This cleaning pro set out the task that lay ahead in her post: “For those nasty toilet stains that won’t go away no matter how much you clean it."

The toilet in question was, to put it lightly, engrained with unmentionable matter.

She, however, had a magic wand up her sleeve: “Use a pumice stone.”

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Scrubbing commenced and within a short while the toilet was sparking clean again.

This implement is available from Amazon for as little as $4 and is useful for cleaning porcelain fixtures and fittings.

They have certainly proved to be a popular purchase from the giant online retailer, with 4,000 being bought last month alone.

There were a lot of satisfied shoppers too, with 74% giving it a 5-star rating.

One reviewer echoed her sentiments: "Having well water, we could not get the ring around the toilet off no matter what cleaner we used or how much we scrubbed."

That changed after using pumice stone: "After five minutes of scrubbing with this the stain was gone! I’m amazed."

One commenter to her post was staggered at the effect: “I just bought one of these and used it. Mind blown.”

Another offered her solution to a mucky toilet: “I just use a spray bottle filled with bleach leave it overnight and flush in the morning. Everything is sparking clean.”

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