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HER seventh baby may be due this month but Paris Fury, 33, is as much of a hands-on parent as ever.

She is enjoying precious family time with her brood as she this week revealed two of her kids will be home-schooled in the family home this school year. 

The full-time mum and her husband, boxing legend Tyson Fury, 35, are parents to Athena, two, Prince Adonis Amaziah, four,  Valencia, five, Prince Tyson II, seven, Prince John James, 11, and Venezuela, 13.

The couple have made no secret of their desire to have a big family, with Tyson declaring they want 11 children.

In her book, Love And Fury: The Magic And Mayhem Of Life With Tyson, Paris said: "Tyson and I had always intended to carry on the great Traveller tradition and have a big family… maybe even ten if we were lucky.”

Despite their wish for an enormous brood, Paris confided that her most recent traumatic birth almost put her off having another.

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Athena was born with a fast heartbeat of 300 beats a minute, with the norm being around the 120 beats mark.

After they finally got their youngest safely home, Paris and Tyson insisted she would be their last.

But, in March, it was revealed that the couple are expecting their seventh child.

The glamorous mum has been very open about family life, even spilling the beans on Netflix show, At Home With The Furys.

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Paris is an amazing mum to her brood while her husband Tyson works away, but like many celeb mums she's been called out over what some believe to be controversial parenting choices. 

But she has no regrets on her formidable child-rearing skills. 

Here, with parenting author Liat Hughes Joshi, we take a look back at how she deals with criticism. 

Home school not high school 

Paris revealed that this year her eldest two will not be returning to formal education.

Venezuela was taken out of school at the age of 11, and now Prince John James, 11, will join her as they undertake their studies from the Fury family’s £1.7million mansion in Morecambe, Lancs.

Paris has been cruelly trolled, with critics writing on her Instagram page: “Surely they are missing out on the most valuable part of going to school, making new friends and interacting with lots of different people…”

Appearing on Loose Women, Paris defended the decision, by stating it is tradition for travellers to educate their kids at home. 

Liat says: “Home schooling is unusual, but is increasingly popular and can work well for kids who are being bullied or who struggle to learn in the conventional ways schools tend to teach.”

No swearing ban 

Swearing is part of family life for Paris’ young sons – with Adonis flipping the finger at the camera during the filming of their Netflix documentary and Prince making liberal use of the F-word.

When asked if it bothers her, Paris replied: “I think there’s (sic) bigger things at play. I don’t want my children to have bad language – I do teach them, I do check up, but if it comes out here or there now and again…”

Liat can see why Paris would let the odd swear words slip through the parenting net. 

She says: “I'm only anti swearing for the youngest children – older kids are going to be exposed to swearing.  The focus is learning that there's a time and a place. In front of your mates who also swear, fine. In front of your grandma or in a job interview, not fine. “

Fizzy pop is A-OK

PARIS Fury's fans were shocked after they spotted her son pouring Dr Pepper into a baby bottle. 

The scene was captured on the family’s Netflix documentary, with one fan writing on social media: "Screaming at Tyson Fury's kids having Dr Pepper out of a bottle."

Paris did not respond to the storm. 

Liat says: “I’m not surprised that she never replied to trolls about this. Of course sugary, fizzy drinks every day are not good for your kids' health, but sneaking one, once in a blue moon, is pretty innocent.”

Having an enormous family

MUM-of-six Paris Fury has defended having a “big family” and admits that people stare at them in public.

Writing on Instagram previously, Paris said: “People will stare, make it worth their while… I love having a big family, always wanted children and have been blessed… My little 4 are so close.”

Liat says: “For many people money and time is an issue and means we often keep the number of kids in a family low. But in the Fury’s case they’re not struggling to feed the extra mouths at tea time, plus culturally in the Irish traveller community a big family is normal so Paris is doing what suits her, and her community, and doing it well.”

Dressing her children in £3,000 designer clothes

When Paris shared a beautiful family picture of her kids in matching Versace, she wrote: “My family there looking like a @versace advert… out for a meal last night. Love my big crazy family, my life and my world. I don’t live in yours.”

But she was cruelly trolled under the posts by one critic commenting: ‘What happened to the frugal basic way of life?’

Paris has never felt the need to defend her right to spend the family's income on designer clothes, and instead speaks of the times she is frugal. 

She says: “You’re not sending a personal shopper to go to Harvey Nichols to pick you out a dress – you’re running to Primark to get socks and underpants.”

And Liat says of the families matching outfits: “Sometimes kids might find it embarassing to dress alike when they are older, so as a parent you really just need to ensure they are happy to join in.

Spending a fortune on kids' clothes, even if one can afford it, can leave children expecting everything to be adorned with a designer label which might not be realistic when they're adults.”

Employing a secret ‘nanny’

Paris has come under fire by critics for having a ‘secret nanny.’

A follower accused her of using a 'nanny to bring up her children' in a furious online message. 


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Paris shared the comment from the critic on her Instagram, and responded: “I've seen so many of these kind of post (sic) today. So let me state clearly! I wash dress feed and care for them (sic). Like many other mother's (sic).”

Liat backs Paris up and says: “Nobody should be judging a mum for the amount of childcare she does or the help she gets, parenting is the toughest job out there –  Paris has blasted this claim as rubbish anyway and says she is a full-time hands-on mum.”

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