My 2-ingredient cleaning solution is a sure way to make your home smell fresh – your wood and nose will both be happy | The Sun

A CLEANING influencer has shared her tip for a simple way to keep your home always smelling deliciously fresh.

The secret is an easy cleaning solution you can mix yourself — and it only requires two ingredients.

The Cleaning Lady (@the_cleaning_lady3) has more than 38,000 TikTok followers who love her cleaning hacks and product recommendations.

In a recent clip, she shared how she keeps her home always smelling good and without any unpleasant odors.

The video opened with a shot of a bucket being filled with hot water, as overlaid text read: "Want to know the secret to a great-smelling house?"

She said to start with two liters of hot water and recommended using buckets that have the measurements marked on the inside for ease of use.

Next up is a shot of a bottle of Murphy concentrated wood cleaner, an oil soap that the cleaner advised us is "not just for wood."

"Murphy oil cleaner makes your wood happy and your nose happy," she said.

She mixed half a cup of the cleaner into the bucket of water before stirring, advising that the water should be slightly opaque with a few bubbles.

Taking a cloth, she began cleaning her home with the solution, starting by wiping the baseboards.

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The cleaning influencer said that the Murphy soap solution worked better than fabric softener does to scent your home and that it was much safer.

She went on to wipe down her walls before moving on to cleaning wooden items, the product's intended purpose.

The dampened cloth moved over a wooden bench, where it picked up a lot of grime.

Her multi-purpose cleaning solution helped her scrub up a dirty kitchen worktop, leaving it sparkling clean.

To show the versatility of the product, she cleaned and wiped her dining room chairs, including the fabric seats, before pouring away the now-gray water.

She was left with a clean and fragrant home.

Video viewers were intrigued by the advice.

"My grandmother and mother always used Murphy oil soap," one woman said, prompting The Cleaning Lady to reply: "I think Murphy smells like grandma's house."

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Another wrote: "Best part about Murphy is you don't need a lot of it to get the job done."

"This is so true," the TikToker responded. "It’s cheap, effective and you need very little."

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