I’m mum-shamed for being glam – OAPs say my sharp nails are a danger to my baby but I never judge greasy mum buns | The Sun

PUSHING her buggy through the supermarket Clare Blakemore is happily doing her weekly shop.

After giving birth just seven weeks ago the married mum, 29, is getting into a routine with her newborn.

But the assistant psychologist's peace is soon interrupted.

“You need to cut those nails, you’ll scratch your baby you know,” says an OAP in the frozen foods aisle without even saying hello.

“How can you possibly change the baby’s nappy or dress yourself with those long pointy things,” butts in another pensioner.

The OAPs are referring to Clare’s long manicured nails and in the seven weeks since her daughter Aria was born the ‘nail naysayers’ daily criticism is something the new mum has become used to. 

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Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Clare says: “I am constantly mum-shamed for having long manicured fingernails. 

“People tell me I’ll  hurt my baby and OAPs tut and tell me I'm irresponsible.

“One pensioner told me I can't possibly wipe my baby’s bottom with long nails and would end up with poo everywhere.”

Criticism of Clare’s manicure came as soon as her daughter arrived on July 22 this year.

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“When I was in the hospital mums looked shocked at my long nails and it wasn’t just the mums, nurses were equally as critical,” says Clare.

“One nosey parker claimed I must have a nanny because I can’t possibly drive the car, clean the house or  button a shirt with long nails.

It’s gobsmacking – I don't walk up to them and say their outfits are manly, their mum buns greasy or they’ll topple over in their Ugg boots

“It’s shocking how people, especially mums  and older people can be so judgemental about a new mum. I was appalled.

“Instead of asking  how you are, all they do is judge, shame and criticise.

“The tut tutting was unrelenting and I actually cut them. I  felt so judged by everyone.”

It’s not just her talons that Clare has found herself in the firing line for.

According to Clare who lives in Brynna, South Wales with her plasterer husband Lee, 31, she is also criticised for wearing heels and looking glam while caring for her baby.

“I’ve had people stop me in Tescos, on the street or in the park when I wear wedge heels telling me I am a danger to myself and the baby for any footwear choice,” she says.

“When it happened once I was shocked but it’s now a regular occurrence with people telling I shouldn't wear heels with a new-born

“It’s gobsmacking – I don't walk up to them and say their outfits are manly, their mum buns greasy or they’ll topple over in their Ugg boots.”

The mum has got to the point where she is able to ignore her critics and has let her nails grow back, even coordinating her colours with Aria’s outfits.

“As a new mum it's a little bit of me-time and they have always been part of my style,” she says.

“I mastered putting false eyelashes on with long nails and so I knew I'd never scratch my baby.”

Clare says she’d never leave the house without making sure she is looking her best.

”I like to look glam  because I know from experience if you look good you feel good,” she says.

“It takes me 45-minutes to put on my full glam day face including false eyelashes, base contouring and blush. 

“I curl my long hair and love wearing an office-style day dress and heels when I go out.”

Clare does her makeup when her daughter is asleep or juggles her lip liner and makeup brush while playing with Aria.

“I have mastered the skill and walk out the door with my glam on,” she says.

“I need the glam armour because someone will comment that I am too glam for  a new mum, wearing heels or having long fingernails.

“I figured I’d make sure they have multiple things to moan about.

“It's my way of showing the critics and the world I am  not going to put up with mum shaming and living my best life.



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“When people first started shaming me I felt terrible. Then I realised they’re either jealous or having boring lives. 

“I need to do what's best for me and my child. Giving birth has turned me into a proper lioness.”

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