I tried all the on-trend food at UK's 'most iconic' winter event & it was so bad, one buy was like munching on Peppa Pig | The Sun

A WOMAN has slammed London's Winter Wonderland – which is often hailed as the UK's most 'iconic'Christmas event – for it's 'expensive' food, which she says is 'lacking flavour'.

Angelina, who often posts reviews of London restaurants and attractions to her TikTok page @angelina.pj said that you shouldn't believe influencers who try to tell you that the food at the Christmas market and fairground is 'incredible'.

She shared a video to her account where she reviewed a variety of food stalls at the Hyde Park attraction.

The first food stall Angelina reviewed was 'meat heads' where she spent a whopping £9 on some tacos.

She said: "I was begging for a flavour fiesta with that price but when I tried it the meat was lacking and I found it really salty. Five out of 10".

Next, Angelina went to the Mac and Cheese Factory, where she spent £8.90 on one portion.

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She said: "It did exactly as it showed, pasta and cheese, but for nearly £9? Six out of 10".

Angelina then tried a hot dog, which she purchased for £8.

"I was in shock, look at this silly sausage! It looked almost as if it was still alive!", she said, showing viewers an enormous pork sausage.

Angelina added that she thought the sausage was too porky and said: "it was just like munching on Peppa Pig! Three out of 10".

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The TikTok users next buy was some chestnuts, which she got for £5.

She said: "I've never experienced daylight robbery so fast. I only for nine nuts for £5!"

Angelina added that the nuts weren't even cooked properly, and rated them one of 10.

The next thing that Angelina purchased was a long stick of 'Tornado chips' which she paid £6.50 for.

She said: "I know that £6.50 for some potaotes on a stick is mad but they were very crispy and was my favourite out of everything I tried. 6.5 out of 10".

Finally, Angelina bought herself some churros for £7

She said: "Being Spanish I take my churros very seriously. Alas, when I bit into them they were undercooked. Not crunchy, not magical, just a doughy letdown. Five out of 10."

Angelina explained that overall she spent £44.40 on the food she bought, which she said only bought her a ticket "to the disappointment express."

TikTok users flooded to the video's comments section to praise Angelina for being realistic about what Winter Wonderland is actually like.

One user said: "Thank you for being realistic, it's not as good as it seems and is overly expensive."

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Another user added: "I got churros there this year and they were horrible – so hard and chewy."

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