I gave my twin boys the SAME name – people ask how we tell them apart, but we’ve got nicknames for that | The Sun

A MUM who gave her twin boys the same name has revealed she uses nicknames to tell them apart.

The woman went viral when she announced that she'd called her sons Branden Jr and Branden 3rd – both named after her husband Branden.

But after sharing videos of the toddlers on her family's Instagram page, the mum was inundated with questions about what she calls the boys.

"Do they go by nicknames?" one person commented on the video.

To which the mum replied: "Bj and trey".

But not everyone was convinced that the boys sharing the same name was a good idea.

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"Beautiful babies but man why same name?" one asked.

"I grew up with a set of twins both named Charles and they hated having the same name," another wrote.

"They’re gonna have a hard time receiving mail," a third commented.

"My twin and I have different names and nobody could ever straighten they mess out – doctor's records, credit reports, background checks NOBODY HAD THEY STUFF TOGETHER," someone else added.

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" I can't imagine how frustrated they gonna be come grad school applications lol".

"Cute for instagram but what about their identities?" another mused.

Others, however, were more complimentary about the mum's name choices.

"I think it's clever!" one wrote.

"I like it," another insisted.

"The names are soooo cute and perfect," a third commented.

As someone else added: "This is the first time I seen this with the names…. Okay mamas you’re on to something!"

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