I’m fit at 72 and still lifting weights – you don't get the butt you want by sitting on it | The Sun

A FIT 72-year-old has proved that staying strong and healthy need not be dictated by age.

She is still lifting weights with the energy of someone decades younger.

Her approach to her fitness regime is disciplined and passionate.

"You don't get the butt you want by sitting on it," insisted Lifestyle (@seniorcoachh).

This lady has inspired a lot of devotion on her TikTok.

She has 346,000 followers on the platform.

Her pledge is a modest one: “Living a simple lifestyle at 72 years old.”

Slipping into her dotage was not an option for her.

Instead, she wanted to stay strong, supple, and mobile, and that required effort – and she was prepared to give it.

“I’m 72 and I’m still trying. I can do it, you can do it too," she urged others in her post.

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Don't hang around complaining, she said, get out there and do something.

“You don’t get the buttocks you want by sitting on them," she said in another video.

Then added: “Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Keep trying. Hanging in there.”

Her recipe for growing older but better was not complicated.

“Enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle. Squatting away the fat," she wrote.

Viewers of her posts were in awe of her achievements.

“Respect lady," was the reaction of one person.

A second was inspired: “I love you girl. You motivate me big time.”

For a third, she gave hope: “You are giving me energy. Yes, I’m looking and taking notes. Thank you, queen.”

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