Fashion pro reveals the top 3 winter clothes that aren’t elegant including the chunky knit – but it divides opinion | The Sun

A FASHION pro has revealed the winter styles you should avoid if you want to look elegant. 

Vanessa, from Barcelona and London, often uses her social media account to share tips when it comes to elegance, etiquette, being feminine and getting a glow up. 

And in one such video, she pointed out the top three winter styles that make you look tacky… and their elegant counterparts. 

Dressed in a black turtleneck with short sleeves alongside a matching pair of trousers, Vanessa opened her arms out to share her “elegant vs no elegant” fashion opinions.  

The first style that fell into the ‘elegant’ category was exactly what she was wearing – a black turtleneck tucked into a pair of matching trousers.

Meanwhile, the non-elegant side had a picture of a woman wearing an oversized grey turtleneck jumper that went well over her black leggings. 

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She then addressed how people style winter coats as the image under ‘elegant’ saw a woman wearing an all black outfit with a long, structured green coat on top. 

The tacky side, however, had a woman wearing a white mini dress with brown knee-high boots alongside a furry green coat on top. 

Returning to the concept of jumpers, she then showed a navy V-neck with white stripes, which she put under ‘elegant’. 

Next to this, she revealed its tacky counterpart, which was of a navy turtleneck jumper with a light blue, orange, yellow and orange zig-zag pattern across the top and sleeves.

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While she appeared adamant by her opinions on the different styles, people weren’t quite as convinced. 

Taking to the comments section, one person wrote: “But the white dress and boots are actually gorgeous and it’s a great everyday city outfit”. 

Another said: “Have to disagree with the fairisle jumper.. if it’s good enough for princess Catherine [Kate Middleton] it’s good enough for me,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

“What a load of bs. Wear what you like,” a third posted.

While a fourth added: “Sis, being elegant and wearing cosy is not being compared with 'not elegant''. 

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