I live in a tiny house – people are outraged by the price of my rent, I eat dinner on my bed & barely fit in the shower | The Sun

A SAN Francisco resident has given viewers a sneak peek at his tiny house full of unique amenities.

People online are outraged by the price of his rent, considering how he eats dinner on his bed and barely fits in the shower.

Culinary mastermind Josh Allan (@joshhallan) gave viewers a sneak peek at his tiny home in San Francisco.

In a TikTok video, he walked through the living arrangement and gave an extensive tour of the small space.

He went outdoors and showed off the small patio space with a tiny table, chair, and creepy crawly wasps.

Next, he walked through his kitchen, which wasn't clean, and shared details about his life.

"I actually don't eat here, but it's a table, so it's nice to have. I guess," he said as he gestured to the item.

Later, he brought viewers into his bedroom which fulfills several of his needs.

He told viewers in a subtitle that he rents the place for $3,700 per month as he sat on his bed.

"I eat here, I sleep here, and I watch TV here. I do everything here," he detailed.

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Sliding barn doors were connected to the bathroom, which led into the shower that washed his five-foot-ten frame.

"The shower isn't very big," he said before jumping in for reference. "Well, I fit. That's all that matters."

He also explained in the video caption that the place was already furnished, so he didn't pick what was inside.

Many people couldn't get over the rental price of the dwelling and offered their two cents in the comments.

One commented: "$3700????????? Bro, my one-bedroom apartment is bigger than this and I only pay $865."

Josh responded: "It only costs that much because it’s an Airbnb!! Apartment rent here is cheaper!!"

"Where are you getting $3,700 from???" another chimed in.

"My family lives in a four-bedroom house, including a pool, in Texas and our rent is only $2,500 a month," a TiKTok user shared.

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