I'm 91 but everyone thinks I'm 20 years younger, my anti-aging secret is free, it's the reason men don't wrinkle as much | The Sun

A 91-YEAR-OLD woman has shared her anti-aging secrets, making her look much younger than her years.

She said her skincare technique is not only free, but it's also the reason men don't wrinkle as much.

Media professional Noora De Silva (@nooradesilva3) interviewed Mary, 91, in a video on TikTok.

"Two tips to look 20 years younger," read the text.

"Usually when I meet people, if I don't tell them my age or talk about ages, they think I'm about 70. I am 91," Mary said.

She implemented a regular routine to keep her skin taut after learning about men's aging.

"I read years ago that men don't wrinkle like women do," she said.

First, she pursed her lips and moved them left and right as a facial exercise.

Next, she tackled under the chin — a problem area for many seeking a more youthful look.

"You would push down with your chin and push up with your hands real hard and do that a few times," she added, demonstrating the technique for the camera.

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She revealed that the routine is not only free, but it doesn't require too much time.

"I don't do them every day, but probably every so often if I thought of them," Mary added.

Facial massages like the one Mary demonstrated are age-old techniques to keep wrinkles at bay.

There are several approaches, including various shapes of Gua Sha tools as well as just bare hands.

The massage works as an anti-aging method because it smooths out wrinkles over time due to lymphatic drainage.

Moving the lymphatic fluid through the body manually can yield many health benefits, including preventing illness.

The lymphatic massage can also make the skin look firmer and thus more youthful.

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