You have 20/20 vision if you can spot my adorable English bulldog hidden in my backyard in under 15 seconds | The Sun

A VISUAL puzzle featuring a hidden dog seeks to keep our eyesight sharp and our brain muscles strong.

If you can solve it in the allotted time, you probably have 20/20 vision.

Nephi Bravata, an English bulldog who lives in Pennsylvania and has his own Instagram account (@nephi_the_bulldog), put his body on the line for our latest visual puzzle.

Posting to his Instagram account, he asked his followers to find him among the flourishing trees, hedges, and grass in his backyard.

The various colors of nature – from brown, to green, to black – make it hard to spot his furry body.

If you found him in under 15 seconds, you can probably skip the eye doctor because you have 20/20 vision.

Still don’t see him? We’ll help you out.

There is a fallen tree towards the top, center of the image – the only one with dead brown leaves.

Inside of that tree, on the grass, is the back of the pup.

Looking for another pet-themed game?

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TikToker Bryce W (@bryce_w2023) proved his iPhone image of his dog ended up becoming a sort of visual puzzle because of everything that was going on in the portrait.

“Find my dog,” he wrote in the video.

“I bet it will take you more than 30 seconds.”

In the image, there was a large green bush next to a smaller shrub in the background.

A tall tree, surrounded by more green plants and a stone bird bath, stood in front of the hedges.

And to make things more camouflaged, there were hundreds of fall leaves – varying in color from yellow to orange to brown – strewn across the ground.

One sharp viewer pointed out exactly where the pup was stationed: staring at the camera from behind the tree.

His black and white coat and tiny face poked out from the left corner of the bark.

To get in the Halloween spirit, the team at created their own puzzle that depicts a spooky living room with six hidden words inside it.

If you can spot them in under 10 seconds, you likely have a high IQ.

While it may be hard to see them at first among the pumpkins, skulls, bones, and books, they’re in there.

Haven’t spotted all six yet? We’ll help you out.

The first word, “spooky,” is across the living room roof.

The word “pumpkin” is hidden in the magic pink ball on the floating shelf.

“Haunted” is spelled out in the ominous hole in the wall.

The candles on the cake say “sweet.”

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Right underneath, “ghost” drips mysteriously.

And finally, on the other side of the bookcase, “boo” is written on the wall.

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