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KNOWN for her cleaning hacks and parenting tips, Mrs Hinch has managed to amass a huge following on Instagram. 

But it’s not just tips and tricks around the house that followers are tuning in for, it’s also her beauty regime and makeup hacks. 

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliff, often shares tutorials, as well as ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos to her 4.7 million followers. 

But what other secrets does she have when it comes to her hair and skincare?

Here, Yasmin Harisha speaks to celebrity hair and makeup artist Lisa Wilcock, who is founder of Makeup Box Studio, and reveals the secrets behind Mrs Hinch’s stunning looks. 

She says: “Mrs Hinch is not only known for being the queen of clean but is now also being recognised as the queen of glam.


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“I feel it's no surprise, she is literally slaying the hair and makeup game with her super glamorous style.

“I am a big fan of the queen of clean's glamorous style but looking this good comes with a price tag ladies.”

I am a big fan of the queen of clean's glamorous style but looking this good comes with a price tag ladies

From her weight loss to flawless skin, Mrs Hinch has documented her changing image across social media.

She says she hasn't had cosmetic surgery on her face, but previously admitted to having a gastric band.

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When she was 21, Mrs Hinch revealed she was desperate to change the way she looked and took out a loan for £6,000 to get the weight loss surgery. 

However, two years after it was inserted she was left in crippling pain after it slipped and ended up being lodged in her oesophagus. 

She underwent an emergency operation to move it back up.  

I have not had any plastic surgery done to my face whatsoever and they are still my teeth

Denying plastic surgery rumours, Mrs Hinch took to Instagram two years ago and wrote: “I have not had any plastic surgery done to my face whatsoever and they are still my teeth, the same teeth, I just had them straightened using Invisalign treatment!

“I've noticed a few headlines today saying I've had plastic surgery on my face! 

“That's the first I've heard of it! But each to their own I say xx.”

Mane event: Balayage and Rapunzel-esque locks

Mrs Hinch will often wear her thick locks either down or in a loose messy bun.

Lisa says: “In 2022 salon owners had two major price increases on the cost of hair in just one year, meaning the price of extensions has increased dramatically. 

“For a guide on price, at my salon in Epping (Makeup Box Studio), you would be looking at around £1,000 for 24 inch Russian extra thick weft with fitting and you'll need that refitted every five to eight weeks at a cost of around £80-£100.

“Then we have on trend the stunning balayage services that need to be performed on her natural hair. 

“Typically balayage packages with toner & blow dry start from £160 and can rise up to £500 in some central London salons.”

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Get the glam: £350 make-up artist and £9 tanning secret

Mrs Hinch regularly shares videos of her makeup regime which includes contouring and highlighting. 

Lisa says: “Hinch is known for a full face glam, and those makeovers range from £50 upwards with a local elite artist in salons across the Essex area. 

“Our starting price is £45 on Epping high street, however in central London you can pay up to £350 to have your face beat for red carpets and high-profile events with top celebrity MUA artists such as the wonderful Mikey Phillips.”

According to Lisa, Mrs Hinch has invested a small fortune into her makeup brushes too. 

She says: “We know that she does also perform her own at home makeovers which she kindly shows us on Instagram. 

“Your average in house makeup kit in 2023 can come in at a hefty £500.

Hinch seems to be a fan of semi-permanent brows which on average cost £300

“In order to complete a full face glam look from home, you need up to date industry standard products – and trust me you can spend a lot more.

“We also know Hinch has some staples such as the Maybelline instant anti age eraser concealer and the ICONIC London contour pots.”

And it’s not all about high end products, Mrs Hinch promotes a mixed range of brands of all price ranges. 

Lisa says: “As a professional celeb makeup artist myself with over a decade experience in the field I can honestly say I have worked with the most expensive products and the cheapest and the cost of the product doesn’t always reflect the effectiveness of its use.

“Promoting tan drops and self-tanning seems to also be a hit with Hinch.

How much do Mrs Hinch’s beauty treatments cost?

  • Hair extensions – £1k
  • Hair extension maintenance – £100 every six weeks
  • Balayage package – up to £500 every six weeks
  • Professional make-up – £350
  • Spray tans – £60 a month
  • Eyebrow microblading – £300
  • Eyebrow microblading top up – £50 every six months
  • Acrylic nails – £40 every three weeks

“And you can certainly tell she loves it because her complexion is beautiful and always has a bronzed tan.

“She uses the super affordable Garnier Hyaluronic Tan drops which are less than £10. 

“However, professional salon spray tanning can be £30 every session which would be as often as twice per month if you’re a regular tanner that’s a £60 a month bill on its own.”

Brow down: £300 face framers

Next up is Mrs Hinch’s eyebrows which are microbladed – is a semi-permanent technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows.

Lisa says: “Semi permanent brows are such a game changer in your day-to-day makeup routine especially for those who struggle to get their brows to match or simply have no brows.

“So many of us have made the mistake in the nineties of shaving off our brows or overplucking to find they never returned.

“Hinch seems to be a fan of semi-permanent brows which on average cost £300 with six monthly top ups at £50.”

Nailed it: £30 gels and funky designs

Mrs Hinch always has a set of well manicured nails too.

Lisa says: “Gel nails will set you back around £30 every two weeks however Mrs Hinch has acrylic tips costing £40+ depending on if there's a funky design added.”

Mrs Hinch shares updates on her nails regularly on social media, with Tracy Lou's Nails being her go-to technician.


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Lisa adds: “So what is the total cost for all these amazing treatments I hear you ask? 

“If we totalled up hair extensions, balayage colouring services, blow dry, nails, spray tanning and semi perm brows well that could easily set you back at least £2,000, but of course this wouldn’t be every month.”

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