Horror moment bank manager is killed by parachutist who smashes into him during low pass at breakneck speed at festival | The Sun

THIS is the horror moment a man is struck by a parachutist who lost control of his parachute as he was landing during a music festival.

The parachutist lost control of his equipment after attempting a loop de loop as part of an air acrobatics event at the Itapolis Aero Music Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Videos of the spiralling parachutist show him hurtling down into an area designated for the public, and crashing directly into a victim.

Wagner Rubens Gaido, 63, who managed a unit of the Brazilian Credit Cooperative System, was hit and sent flying, as bystanders can be heard audibly gasping.

The shock force of the collision struck Gaido directly on his head, and he was pronounced dead on the scene.

Two other innocent festival-goers were also hurt in the process, and they, alongside the parachutist, were rushed to the emergency room at Santa Casa de Itapolis with unspecified injuries.

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The event featured eight skydivers jumping from an aeroplane during a performance, and only one of them lost control of their parachute.

Organisers of the festival have stated that the event complied with the safety protocols issued by the National Civil Aviation Agency, and that of the Fire Brigade.

The festival continued despite the tragic death, and police are now looking into the incident.

Gaido will be buried in the municipal cemetery in his hometown of Cosmopolis later today, October 9.

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This comes just after a professional Russian parachutist fell to his death in a skydiving event to mark Putin's 71st birthday over the weekend.

Doctors fought to save Dmitry Belyayev, 45, after he fell into a body of water in Gudermes, Chechnya, but the Russian national team member did not survive the collision.

Another incident last month saw a parachutist die after colliding into an aeroplane wing at 14,000ft in France.

The collision decapitated the experienced skydiver Nicolas Galy, 40, while his emergency parachute opened and brought his body back down to the ground.

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