You must open all the windows when it's freezing if you want a warm home without heating, but don't forget step number 2 | The Sun

A WISE TikToker has shared little-known tips for staying warm without turning on the heating in your home.

She left many surprised as she explained why homeowners should open all of their windows as the temperature plummets.

Ann Russell (@annrussell03) boasts over 2.5 million followers on TikTok, where she has gained the reputation of being the internet’s mom.

She offers advice on the social media platform on everything ranging from cleaning hacks to job advice.

She shared hacks for keeping homes warm throughout winter after a follower asked for tips that don’t involve turning on the heating.

“We don’t have curtains or anything. I need the warmth for my ill health,” the follower explained.

Ann shared advice for insulating the home as cracks and holes where cold air enters can make homes feel warmer. 

She said: “The first thing make sure that you do is open up all of the windows, everything.

“Not when it’s raining. When it’s cold it’s a great idea, when it’s below freezing because the air is dry."

She continued: “Dry all of the window frames and everything off.

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“There is the cellophane stuff that you stick on the windows and use a hairdryer or you can just use bubble wrap which works really well.

“You can use drawing pins if you’ve got wooden frames to hold it on.

“Someone said you can also just put it on the glass with water, that works really well.

“You must ventilate.”

Ann seemed concerned about her follower’s reluctance to turn the heating on.

She said: “You do need at least one source. 

“A little fan heater or electrical fire that you can go and get dressed by.

“You layer up, you wear loads and loads of layers. Your dog wears layers and the cat has a good bed.

“And eat lots of really good food. This weather is why the English eat suet puddings.”

The traditional pudding contains suet (beef or mutton fat), flour, bread crumbs, raisins, and spices.

Recipes vary but it is usually boiled, steamed, or made in a microwave.

Ann's post went viral and quickly racked up over 4,500 likes with viewers taking to the comment section to thank Ann for sharing her advice.

Many homeowners added more tips for staying warm throughout the colder months.

One person wrote: “If you have the ability go to the thrift store and get some old blankets or bed sheets because I know you said you don’t have curtains.”

Another commented: “Also if you are using the kettle for tea you can use any excess for hot water bottles. The kettle can be expensive but if you are putting it on anyway."

Earlier this year, Ann shocked her followers by revealing that she would be undergoing treatment for cancer. 

She has continued to offer advice on everything from how to descale a kettle to how to cope with bed bugs despite her health battle.

She spoke candidly in a recent video claiming that the worst part of being ill is not having the desire to beautify herself.

Ann said: “Before I had children I was really glamorous and my appearance really mattered to me.

“I’ve always kept this thing in my head that when I have the space and time or whatever, I would return to being glamorous.

“I watched Sex and The City and always thought I could be like that.

“The worst thing about being ill is discovering I’m not going to do it. I’ve had time and energy. 

“I have makeup in drawers but I can’t be bothered to do it. I keep trying to put cream on my face with some regularity.

“I have pots of skin cream, I will do it for a week and then I forget. 

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“I just don’t have it within me to be a glamour puss anymore. 

“I’m so sorry young me, I know you thought I’d be a glamorous older woman but it’s not going to happen.”

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