I lost 50 lbs – my recipe for salted caramel ice cream uses sugar-free Jell-O mix, it's great for late-night cravings | The Sun

LATE-NIGHT cravings never looked so virtuous thanks to this salted caramel ice cream that used a sugar-free Jell-O mix.

The weight loss coach behind the recipe said she lost 50 pounds and still snacked on this delicious dessert.

“This Ninja Creami protein ice cream recipe is perfect for you if you get late-night sweet cravings," said Gen Coco (@gensgym).

She should know what she is talking about because her whole TikTok is focused on food and weight loss.

Gen has built a large following of 357,000 in the process.

“Your diet culture demystifying big sis," is how she describes herself on her platform.

She saw no reason not to love her sweet, frozen dessert recipe, telling followers she is "still obsessed with my Ninja Creami."

Even she seemed amazed something tasting so good wasn't actually piling on the weight.

"Love how this entire pint is only 400 calories and 40gm of protein."

Gen began her post by explaining her method.

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It was easy but did require some preparation and planning.

“I started out by freezing two cups of one percent skimmed milk, one scoop of protein powder, and one tablespoon of sugar-free Jello mix.

“Seriously the only downside of the Ninja Creami is that you have to prep your base 24 hours in advance," she moaned.

But she even had that covered.

“So now I always keep two or three of these in my freezer so I can have ice cream whenever I want."

Losing the pounds doesn't mean you have to survive on lettuce leaves and raw carrots, she figured.

“The key to sustainable weight loss isn’t cutting out your favorite foods.

"It’s finding ways to incorporate them in a way that still supports your goals," she said in conclusion.

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