Gaby Roslin: ‘I couldn’t be without a glass – now I love life too much for a hangover’

Presenter Gaby Roslin has opened up about her decision to stop drinking alcohol five years ago after deciding that she loved “life too much to have a hangover”.

59 year old Gaby,who Richard Madeley recently revealed once branded him a “witch”, previously spoke about her relationship with alcohol, revealing that her she quit the booze for good after taking up the challenge to try 'dry January'.

“I used to think I couldn’t be me without a glass in my hand,” she said. “Then I decided I love life too much to have a hangover.

“I did dry January, which merged into dry February, then dry March. I haven’t touched a drop since. I have far more confidence since not drinking", she told the Daily Mail.

In addition to quitting alcohol, Gaby is also passionate about exercising – a good habit that she took up over 20 years ago and one which she believes is “important” for her mental wellbeing.

“I choose to go to the gym and do weights and go walking because it’s so important for my mental health. We’ve got an ageing population and we’ve all got to do what we can and keep moving and it’s good for our bones,” she said.

Having spent more than 30 years on our screens, Gaby is known for her trademark smile and infectious energy, and with her new book, Spread The Joy, she's hoping to help us all find a little happiness in our lives.

According to Gaby there are hundreds of simple ways of turning bad days into good ones from wearing a pop of colour to simply gazing at the sky, and her book is full of practical tips, advice and exercises.

While she doesn’t have first-hand experience of mental health struggles, Gaby has been there to support friends who have and says that she does her “best” to help anyone who may be struggling.

“I do my best to help other people, but it is not something I’ve had to cope with,” she said. “I do think people use the words anxiety and depression too readily, though, and I think we have to be very careful how we use those words.

“It would be completely fake of me to say I’d never felt those emotions, but I’m incredibly lucky to be able to be positive about things, and that’s helped me through. Journalists have asked me my whole career how I’m so happy all the time and I used to tell them, ‘Yeah that’s me, I’m so sorry.’”

Spread The Joy by Gaby Roslin (HQ, HarperCollins, £18,99) is out on 12 October in hardback.

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