We’re furious at bungling council for erecting lamp posts 15 INCHES apart – mindless workers never think of women | The Sun

A LOCAL council has come under fire after bungling council workers erected two lamp posts "stupidly" close to one another – leaving only a 15 inch gap.

Carol Wilson was driving through Morley, West Yorkshire, when she spotted a pair of "ludicrously placed" lamp posts at a pelican's crossing.

The 50-year-old jumped out of her car to take snaps of the newly redesigned walkway – split into a thin passageway due to the posts.

She said the position leaves only a 15-inch gap, leaving "barely enough room for one person" to squeeze through to the second crossing point.

Carol has said the issue may be due to "men at the council" never "thinking about women having to push prams" through such spaces.

Carol has since slammed the Leeds City Council workers who installed them and labelled them as imbeciles for the tiny gap.



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After sharing the photos on Facebook, locals joined Carol in her criticisms of the minuscule gap.

Leeds City Council has since admitted the lamp posts were incorrectly positioned, and have contacted a contractor to move them.

Carol said: "You'd have to be an absolute imbecile to put that post there.

"Then somebody's supervisor has gone 'yep, that's fine' and signed it all off and carried on with their work.

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"Somebody somewhere has made a massive error of judgement. I wouldn't like to have somebody lose their job but they need a good telling off."

Carol said she heard of someone having to go "single file" through the gap with a group of children, which she said is "stupid".

It's not clear when the lamp posts were installed but Carol says Morley residents have grown "fed up" with months of temporary traffic lights in the area.

Carol's Facebook post has garnered hundreds of likes and comments, with many agreeing the posts are ludicrously placed.

One asked: "Is there room for prams or double buggies?"

Carol replied: "I very much doubt it. Barely room for a person to squeeze through."

Another commented: "Brainless wonders! Have to hope it's fixed soon, before there are accidents from people attempting to get around the area safely.

"Prams and pushchairs will have problems, wheelchairs and mobility scooters have no chance.

"My partner wouldn't even try it with my wheelchair, we'd both be bruised before he gave up trying."

A third added: "Who on earth is the contractor that did this? Who signed it off? Should be sacked in my opinion."

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A Leeds City Council spokesman said: "Leeds City Council are aware of some incorrectly located posts installed as part of the traffic signal works at Corporation Street.

"We have raised this with our contractors and these are being relocated as soon as possible to ensure everyone is able to pass through the junction."

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