City dubbed ‘Disneyland for bedbugs’ where pest killers braced for next outbreak

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    A city has been dubbed “Disneyland for bedbugs” after calls to exterminators soared.

    Locals in Hong Kong are panicking, with hundreds of calls per day being made to help clear the pesky bugs from homes and businesses. The chaos comes weeks after the UK and many parts of Europe struggled to control a bedbug invasion, leaving hundreds covered in itchy red spots from the creepy microbeasts.

    Francisco Pazos, the owner of Nobedbugs-HK has now spoken out about how bad the chaos has become. Claiming he normally has around 400 requests per month, he told South China Morning Post: “We have done a month’s work in the last three days. The amount of work we have right now is unbelievable.

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    “Hong Kong is like Disneyland for bedbugs … because it is so dense, there are lots of places for them to lay eggs but also move from person to person. This demonstrates the significant level of concern among Hong Kong citizens regarding the widespread bedbug issue and their proactive approach in acquiring appropriate products to prevent infestations.”

    And Henry Cheng Kwok-hang, owner of rival firm Ivy Pest Control Corporation, claims his workload has doubled from 10 calls per month to 20 — and a change in weather could made the situation more difficult. He said: “From November, Hong Kong will become cooler and the humidity will decrease, so it is not a suitable climate for many insects, including bedbugs.

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    “Insecticide powder and liquid available over the counter are effective in killing bedbugs if used correctly – nevertheless, the application should be carried out by professional pest control operators who have experience in searching infested sites.”

    Recently, Martin Seeley from Mattress Next Day told the Daily Star exactly what to look for when spotting bedbugs. He claimed that the are small, oval in shape and are brown in colour – about the same size and colour as an apple pip.

    And when looking for signs of an invasion, Hudson Lambert of NOPE! Pest Experts said: “Bed bugs are nocturnal, so try looking at night if you want to catch them crawling across your mattress.

    “Also look out for noticeable marks on the body such as flat, red spots in lines or clusters; blisters that may itch; red rashes and small areas of pronounced bleeding on the skin. Bed bugs go for exposed skin, so cover up to lower the risk if you suspect an infestation. On the bed itself, watch out for clusters of dark, dotted stains on sheets, mattresses, bed frames and nearby areas.”

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