I save money by living in a barn – I sleep in my studio, my boyfriend's height is a problem but we make it work | The Sun

A CRAFTY artist has transformed her barn space into both a work and living area.

She uses her compact-sized pad to do more than just create her masterpieces.

"Folks I live in a barn and I'm an artist. My studio is literally where I sleep, eat, watch TV, paint, shower, all of it," said (@laurenbonham_).

The self-proclaimed experimental oil painter who sells her work online could even be seen moving things around to make way for her easel and painting supplies.

"Heck dude, I need some space to paint," she explained.

It might have required some maneuvering to make it all work, but the space allowed her to save major money.

She also shares the versatile converted barn, which includes a desk, flat-screen TV, and sitting area with her six-foot-tall boyfriend.

It might be challenging sometimes but they are making the most of their humble artist and living space abode.

"We are adapting, we're getting it done. And we're trying to make it work for now."

She posed this question to her viewers: "Is this what Gen Z would call 'main character vibes?"'

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All her followers knew was that they were fans of the reimagined barn.

"I love this," said one impressed fan.

"It’s the journey," Lauren said of the not-for-the-faint-of-heart arrangement.

She was focusing on how their current accommodations might be cramped but could give them some perspective.

"When we appreciate what we have now, we will appreciate what we have in the future so much more."

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