ITV’s This Morning in ‘body shaming’ row as fans slam star’s ‘moobs’ comment

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    This Morning's Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary welcomed Isla Traquair onto the show as they discussed topics including working from home.

    As the pair kicked off the show discussing drinking while working from home, they soon moved on to other habits people picked up during lockdown. Alison and Dermot began laughing as they showed a photo of a man getting a massage mid-meeting.

    The photo saw the man on a zoom call while he was topless and getting a massage, which prompted Isla to make a number of comments. Alison asked: "I mean is that acceptable?"

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    Nick Ferrari said it wasn't, while Isla added: "Just keep your T-shirt on!" Dermot added that it had been criticised for being unprofessional and inappropriate.

    Isla continued: "How could you take him seriously if he was talking about the latest figures and you're looking at his little moobs there." She also added that "no one wants to see that".

    But while she was laughing, Alison asked Isla if she would feel differently if it was David Beckham. She paused for a moment before cheekily adding: "I'd be distracted for a completely different reason." Alison winked at the camera as Isla responded.

    Fans soon flocked to X, formerly Twitter, to share their frustrations over the comments as one user wrote: "Nice bit of body shaming from This Morning. 'No one wants to see that, look at the moobs'. Imagine if that was a guy saying something about a woman."

    Another said: "It seems wrong to sneer a man about his man boobs. That's body shaming." A third wrote: "Body shaming now?"

    Elsewhere on the show the hosts had been discussing bullying after a young boy appeared on the show to explain he had been raising money for charity after being bullied for liking musical theatre. The hosts declared they would be donating £1,000 toward the cause.

    They later welcomed calls in from parents who were concerned about their children being bullies as they asked for advice from the professionals. The call-in segment saw multiple parents get support about dealing with it and tips to help them.

    Alison and Dermot praised the "good advice" that had aired on the show.

    This Morning continues weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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