Brit dad-of-two confirmed killed by Hamas in Kibbutz Be'eri massacre

British father-of-two is confirmed to have been killed by Hamas in Kibbutz Be’eri atrocity: Victim had planned to take his son to first Man Utd game next month

  • Yonatan Rapoport was murdered in Kibbutz Be’eri by Hamas fighters
  • The Man Utd. fan leaves behind his two young children, Yosefi and Aluma
  • He was planning on taking his son to his first Man Utd. game next month 

A British father-of-two has been confirmed to have been killed by Hamas terrorists during the Kibbutz Be’eri atrocity in the early days of the terror group’s attack on Israel.

Yonatan Rapoport, also known as Yoni, was murdered in the October 7 attack on Kibbutz Be’eri by Hamas fighters.

He has tragically left behind his two children, Yosefi and Aluma.

Yoni was a major Manchester United Fan, and planned on taking his son to Old Trafford for his first ever game next month. 

A football-themed Facebook group he was an active member of, Israeli Reds, said of Yonatan and his family: ‘The whole family are die-hard fans, and were going to visit Old Trafford in the upcoming game against Luton.

Yonatan (pictured, right) has tragically left behind his two children, Yosefi (pictured, left) and Aluma (pictured, centre)

Yonatan (pictured, left) was a die-hard Manchester United Fan, along with his whole family

Yonatan (pictured, middle) and his family were set to watch Manchester United play against Luton next month

Yonatan is one of ‘at least’ seven British nationals who have been killed since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7

‘The whole community embraces you and shares deeply in your sorrow.’

The father-of-two is one of ‘at least’ seven British nationals who are confirmed to have lost their lives since the attack on Israel on October 7. 

Other dead British nationals include Jake Marlowe, a young British man who was killed during Hamas’ attack on the Nova festival in the south of Israel, Nathanel Young, a soldier who was serving in the IDF when Hamas attacked, and mother and daughter Lianne and Yahel Sharabi, who were killed during the Be’eri massacre. 

Hamas terrorists were seen unleashing a hail of bullets into the terrified families who lived in the isolated community of around 1,000 people that lay less than three miles from Israel’s border with Gaza.

Chilling video footage showed black-clad gunmen going door-to-door looking for Israeli families to murder in cold blood on the morning of October 7.

Chilling video has emerged of the moment Hamas terrorists ran towards homes in the Be’eri kibbutz and unleashed a hail of bullets on the terrified families living there

One of the terrorists can be seen kicking down the door as a round of five gunshots can be heard in the background in quick succession

The gunmen can be heard shouting orders at each other in the video as they run from house to house, the sickening sound of gunshots filling the morning air.

Four gunmen can be seen approaching one family home before shooting into the windows. One of the terrorists can be seen kicking down the door as a round of five gunshots can be heard in the background in quick succession.

The video cuts out before the terrorists manage to break down the door, but it was at this kibbutz they ruthlessly shot dead screaming families as they begged for their lives. Israeli soldiers would later find the bodies of 108 Israeli civilians lying riddled with bullet holes in their homes.

The Hamas gunmen also set fire to several homes here in a sick attempt to force the families out so that they could gun them down as soon as they reached their gardens.

Horrific photos too graphic to publish showed how one woman was lying face down in the bed in a pool of blood with six gaping holes in her mottled, decomposing skin. 

Next to her, a man with dark hair awkwardly slipped in a gap between the bed and a wall. His black clothes, which appeared to be pyjamas, were still slick with his blood, which pooled in a dark red mess on the floor below him.

His body could be seen decomposing – his face has blackened with boils all over his arms. Chunks of his flesh were missing from his right arm and hand.

Outside, several cars were left flattened, while the bodies of people in everyday clothing can be seen lying in awkward positions. 

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