ITV I’m A Celeb’s Fred Sirieix could spill name of footballer who had sex in his restaurant toilets

First Dates star Fred Sirieix is expected to reveal some shocking secrets from his time in hospitality, now he is settled inside the I'm A Celebrity camp.

The 51-year-old maître d'hôtel has had to deal with all sorts of things over the years, including a big name sportsman who wanted to have his cake and eat it.

Fred previously revealed: "I've had my own brushes with amorous guests. One evening a very well-known footballer came for dinner with a companion.

"He was a Frenchman like me, and a star in the Premier League. Halfway through the meal, he and his companion left the table and went to the loo.

"Actually, they went to the same loo – the Ladies – and then into the same cubicle. They returned about 15 minutes later and finished their meal. They had certainly worked up a healthy appetite.

"Funnily enough the footballer had such a fabulous meal that he returned a couple of weeks later. This time he came through the doorway with his wife.

"She walked in first, he was behind her, and he looked at me. He raised his two index fingers to his mouth, pleading for a big shush."

Fred made the revelation when writing in his book Secret Service: Lifting the lid.

But he could go further and name the sportsman in the anecdote in camp and leave ITV with an editing nightmare.

He also wrote in the book how he ate high quality food from an early age, including frogs legs and snails when he was four.

This will make the menu on I'm A Celebrity even less appetising over the coming weeks.

Speaking about the food aspect of the ITV show before he entered camp, Fred told the Mirror: "I eat good food and I've been eating good food since I was a little lad.

"So I'm not really looking forward to rice and beans. I feel it's more of a challenge of the mind to be able to cope and to be able to cope and to smile through it.

"And for me, this is why I'm doing it. To see you know, push myself in an area in the place that I haven't been before."

Since being in the camp he has taken on the role of chef and cooked many of the meals. He has also clashed with several members of the camp including Nella Rose and Nigel Farage.

Early on in the series he started a rumble in the jungle as he attacked Nigel over his Brexit campaign and branded it "shameful".

Fred said the average person had "lost out" now we were no longer part of the EU but Nigel insisted "they haven't lost out" despite multiple problems for the country since it left.

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