Savvy mum shares the £5 Primark buy she swears by to keep her toasty in the winter without turning the heating on | The Sun

A SAVVY mum has shared her five top tips for keeping warm in winter.

So if you are reluctant to turn your heating on as a result of rising energy costs, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Jamie Rose explained that not only does she swear by a £5 buy from Primark, but she also has four other tips that’ll ensure you stay warm without needing to splash the cash.

Known online as ‘Savvy Jamie’, the bargain hunter mum took to social media and said: “Here are my top tips for keeping yourself warm at home with your heating off or on low.”

She then explained: “I’ve had this question quite a bit – what have you done about your heating? Any tips or advice?

“So we turned our heating on recently, for a couple of reasons. One, we've got young children, two I’m immunocompromised, and three, we started to get mould in every room upstairs, so while we've had this cold, cold spell, we have got the heating on – very, very low, so it's still cold.

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“We are planning to turn it off again when it's hopefully gonna get a bit milder.

“But [here’s] my five tips for keeping warm in the house – three of which I only learned this year and they are game changers.”

Jamie then revealed the £5 buy you’ll need to nab from Primark, as she shared: “First up – get yourself a thermal vest. It's all about layering.

“My Nan bought this for me from Primark, and honestly, when I started wearing it, I couldn't believe the difference it made and how much warmer it kept me.

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“So, thermal vest, T-shirt, jumper – high neck jumper to keep your throat warm.”

If you want to get yourself a thermal vest from Primark, there are three different colours available – black, grey and ivory – all of which are just £5 each.

Not only this, but Jamie continued: “Next up is a gilet – the difference this has made in keeping me warm – crazy.

“My third top tip is, wear socks and then also slippers or shoes with a sole.

“When I put my foot on the ground, it's cold with my socks on. The difference with this is crazy, so I promise you that I'll keep you warm.

“And then my final two – especially if you're working from home, because I work from home some days – are a hat and also fingerless gloves. 

“I am appalled. My husband and I both work and like many people in the UK right now, we are struggling to pay to heat our house.

“It is bonkers. It is bonkers that I'm even doing this video, but in some ways, we are in this journey together.”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @savvyjamie, has clearly left people open-mouthed, as many took to the comments to share their appreciation for the simple tips. 

One person said: “Yes the vest is a game changer as it’s close to your skin.” 

Another added: “Thank you for these great tips. Really appreciate it.” 

A third commented: “The hat is a great idea, thank you.”

Meanwhile, many others were eager to express the hacks that they swear by.

One user wrote: “Tinfoil behind your radiators is a GAME changer. It heats up the room a lot quicker and lasts longer. I'm not sure why.”

A second chimed in: “Teddy duvet, fluffy bottom sheet, snood, electric blanket, fluffy socks and don’t leave the bedroom. Ideal when you are single.”

Someone else penned: “Slipper boots are just fab – so warm!”

Whilst a savvy fashionista claimed: “Forget the gillet, get yourself a sherpa oodie.”

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