ITV I’m A Celeb’s Nigel Farage warned about stripping off as daughter details what he’s really like

Nigel Farage's daughter has spoken of her joy watching him in the I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle, as she opened up on what he's really like at home after "stripping off" in camp.

Isabelle Farage, known as Izzy, has jetted out to Australia to support the former UKIP leader and Brexit campaigner, and as she shared all, she insisted despite his antics and debates "he's dad to me".

She even admitted she wouldn't mind Nigel, who got into a debate over cultural appropriation with YouTube star Nella Rose, 26, in the last instalment, losing this vote and getting evicted before the final stages as she would like to spend some time with him Down Under.

Speaking at Brisbane airport, 18 year old Izzy said: "I think he's been getting on really well. It's been really nice to see bits of his personality shine through, which we don't usually see, it’s usually a stern figure. But now people are seeing what he’s actually like."

Izzy said she had warned her dad about stripping off, but to no avail as campmates have seen his bottom on several occasions.

"We did warn him!" the teen insisted. "We did say people get filmed in the shower. But hey, he's a confident guy, he’s confident in himself so fair play.

"I really do think you’re seeing his personality now. Even little bits like pottering around complaining about the dishes not being done. That is so him.

"And then in the first episode, when they got in the car, and he was like, shall we gun it? I don't remember a car journey without him where he's not done that."

"He has shocked us all with the challenges," the teenager went on. "The first one, I mean his face was just hilarious when he first put his head into that box with all the snakes in there. The drinking one – he did not seem phased whatsoever.

"I know he likes to down a pint back home but it’s not, you know, bugs and anus!" the star joked. "He definitely is determined with the challenges. I think that's him in all areas of life.

"He’s a very strong character which I think most people can see. But it’s been great to see him get stuck in, and he seems actually quite comfortable in there."

Izzy said she knew he had been offered a spot on the ITV show before but had always said no, and she was initially shocked when he began considering it this time around.

"He let us know, you know, only a few days in advance. But we've always been prepared as you say," Nigel's daughter explained. "Seeing all the coverage has been strange because I think we’ve had a few years of quiet after the referendum and then now it's all exploded again. But it was expected. Definitely."

On the reaction to him in the camp, Izzy said overall she was pleasantly surprised.

"It's definitely been refreshing," she mused. "As I said previously, he's a very divisive character. So it's either love or hate but now it seems to be there's a bit of a middle round of like 'Okay, I don't agree with this politics but he seems like a funny guy' and that's been really nice for all of us as family.

"He's just my dad that's all it is to me but it's not quite the same to the rest of the country. So the debates and discussion – I think he's handled it quite well, you know it is what he does for a living I suppose he does it every day.

"We knew that was going to come up, we knew there could be a bit of tension. He's a 50-50 character, he’s stood his ground but he’s also been reasonable, so that’s been good to see. And it’s really fun to see him in the gunge and the goo. It's like, such a different environment for him."

Asked about his prospects of being king of the jungle, Izzy said she thinks her dad could do "really well" in the competition.

"I'm selfishly hoping he comes out fairly soon and just give him a hug because it's been so strange to see him in this environment, but he's done so well we're all so proud of him," the proud daughter continued.

"And it’s been nice to see him broadly get along with everyone. There's been a few disagreements but he very much believes in shaking hands and agree to disagree, and we've seen that first hand.

"He’s always been a bit of an outcast and an oddball. So, yeah, that's definitely shining through as well," Izzy added.

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues every night at 9pm on ITV

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