Easy brow application will make you ‘look younger’ in just ‘a few quick seconds’

Viral TikTok shares makeup top tips to look younger

When ageing, certain facial features like brows can become less noticeable which in turn can make you look older.

Full eyebrows always give the impression of youth, and on the opposite end of that is a thin, over-tweezed brow that exposes the brow bone.

An exposed, prominent brow bone at the upper, outer corner of the eye will always give the impression of ageing.

Having brow hair that covers the brow bone softens the look of the upper third of the face and always appears more youthful.

Beautifully defined brows are an instant, non-invasive way to turn back the clock – and it can done with makeup.

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Perfectly symmetrical arches don’t just frame and lift the face, they put a youthful spring in your step.

To do this, one expert who specialises in makeup and skincare for over 40s has taken to social media to share a “quick” way to do brows to “look younger”.

Jentri Quinn, otherwise known as @jentriquinn on TikTok, captioned her video: “Brow fix for younger looking eyes!”

Jentri immediately started the video by demonstrating how those over 40 need to begin applying product to their brows.

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She said: “You always want to start right here in the middle [of the brow] so that you don’t get heavy-handed and apply any brow get down here in the corner.”

As is the case with so many make-up products, less is more when it comes to eyebrows. Going dark and thick with eyebrow filler will look harsh and heavy-handed.

The makeup guru continued: “Then you just want to do very light feathery strokes.

“When you get to the end you also want to flick the ends up – this is going to give you a nice and natural volumised appearance in a few quick seconds.”

Using feathery strokes when applying colour to brows also means you can build up very gradually, stepping away from the mirror to make sure you haven’t gone overboard.

Taking to the comments section on TikTok user who goes by the name @mck.102 said: “I love this brow gel, I apply it just the way you explained and my brows never looked so good! Love it!”

In general, to keep eyes looking refreshed and awake, the tail of the brow (the part that tapers at the side of your face) should end at a height above that of the beginning of the brow (near your nose).

The inner side of the brow should align vertically above the nos and the peak of the brow should fall in line with the outside of the iris of the eye.

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