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LEGENDARY entertainer Liberace was the highest-paid entertainer in the world at the height of his career.

He lived in the lap of luxury and became known for his flamboyant lifestyle. But how did the famed showman die and what was his net worth?

How did Liberace die?

Liberace's career spanned over four decades and during this time he explored many different projects – such as concerts, movies and Las Vegas residencies.

The star passed away on February 4, 1987, of cytomegalovirus pneumonia as a result of Aids.

Liberace had been diagnosed with HIV in secret by a private doctor and he held the secret until he died.

He did not seek any medical treatment after he was diagnosed.

The showman was 67 years old when he passed away in his home in Palm Springs, California.

At the time of his death, Liberace's press agent said he had died of heart failure caused by subacute encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease.

Liberace's physician, Ronald Daniels, said that the star passed of heart failure caused by subacute encephalopathy.

An autopsy was performed by the Riverside County Coroner which determined that Liberace was HIV positive.

The coroner also found that Liberace's cause of death was cytomegalovirus pneumonia, a frequent cause of death in people with AIDS.

The coroner said that Liberace's doctor had deliberately claimed a false cause of death, as heart failure is never caused by encephalopathy.

Who was Scott Thorson?

Scott Thorson was born on January 23, 1959, in Wisconsin, USA.

He first met Liberace when he was a teenager and in a relationship with one of Liberace's dancers.

When Scott was 18, he was hired by Liberace to pose as his companion and friend, a position that became a five-year-long romance.

During their relationship, Scott claims Liberace showered him with expensive gifts and trips.

According to Scott, the pair ended their relationship because of Liberace’s “promiscuous” behaviour combined with Scott’s own drug use.

In 1982 after the breakdown of their relationship, Scott sued Liberace, claiming that Liberace threw him out onto the streets with nothing.

The case was settled out of court for $95,000 which is approximately $254,000 in 2023.

Scott was given $75,000 in a cash settlement and three cars and three pet dogs worth another $20,000.

A year later Scott and Liberace reconciled on Liberace's deathbed.

Scott claimed that he settled because he knew Liberace was dying.

What was Liberace’s net worth?

Liberace died in 1987 with an estimated net worth of $115 million.

There are reports that the figures were exaggerated by the star and that he was actually worth about a tenth of that amount.

Upon his death, he bequeathed the majority of his estate to his scholarship foundation.

His Las Vegas mansion was sold to a British businessman and fan for $500,000.

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