Cadbury advert’s eyebrow girl is unrecognisable – 14 years after iconic ad

In a hilarious trip down memory lane, telly fans who remember the infamous Cadbury advert from their Iconic Moments series – where the little girl and boy 'danced' their eyebrows – were shocked to see how much the young girl has changed.

Just nine years old at the time of filming in 2009, Georgia Wake is now in her early 20s – and sports on-trend tattooed fingers and hand plus stylish nose piercings.

She still retained a little resemblance from her nine year old days though with brunette hair and rounded glasses. She laughed as she captioned a social media post: "How times change. Nine year old me was thriving."

Some fans couldn't believe it, and called her a "living legend" and a "national treasure." Others claimed it was the "best advert ever!" and another said: "Oh my god I remember this so clearly. Everyone at school trying to do it hahahaha."

Little did fans know though, it was unlikely they'd ever master the 'talent.' A shock was in store as Georgia revealed a behind the scenes secret about the much loved advert.

Taking to her TikTok accoun, she revealed a surprising secret about the advert that was ingrained in our minds for years – and it's a shocker!

According to Georgia, she didn't have magical eyebrows at all – it was all just a clever edit. In her clip, that had racked up an impressive 400,000 views un under 24 hours, Georgia captioned it with: "When you lie to the nation about your talent."

She proceeded to point to her face now, and point to the old ad, making a surprised gesture to her fans.

Fans commented instantly, with one laughing: "I learned how to do this – and to find out it's now a lie." Another couldn't believe they were duped, and said: "How did I always think it was real?" before adding a laughing emoji, whereas another refused to take on the news, and said: "No way! I choose to believe it was all real."

Hilariously, another fan added that she used to practise the moves "so much."

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