Woman shares shocking proof that the side you sleep on causes more acne, as she swears she washes her pillowcases | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared shocking proof that the side you sleep on can cause more acne.

Alessya showed off her gorgeous, flawless skin on the left side of her face in a video on her TikTok page.

She then turned her head, showing that the right side was covered in spots.

"Can you tell that I sleep on my right side?" she wrote over the top of the clip.

And she added in the caption: "I clean my pillowcases I swear!"

The comments section was almost immediately filled with people admitting they could 100% relate to Alessya's situation.

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"I change out my pillow cleanse i disinfect my phone i still don’t understand why this happens," one wrote.

"SAME!" she replied.


"I tried sleeping on my back for a week and I don't think I can do it," a third commented.

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"Sleep don't hit the same as when I'm curled up into a ball on the side!"

"Same plus all my lash extensions gone on one side of my face," someone else wrote.

To which Alessya responded: "the way my actual lashes are falling out on one side".

"Wow, I can only sleep comfortably on my back…my acne has cleared up since and I just realised that’s the reason," another marvelled.

"So that’s why my left side is so clear!" someone else wrote.

"Your hair transfers oil to your pillow and when your skin touches it, u get acne," another added.

Others recommended getting a silk pillowcase, while some said you've got to actually wash the pillow, as well as the pillowcase.

"That's why I switched too a silk pillowcase," one wrote.

As another added: "I got a silk pillowcase from blissy and I now barely struggle with acne!"

"Silk pillow cases ! get multiple and switch em out every few days," a third suggested.

While someone else said: "Wash them with baby detergent and fragrance free softener".

"I like to switch sides often," another commented.

If you're not a fan of silk pillowcases, there are other antimicrobial pillowcases on the market that can help prevent bacterial build up – which leads to acne.

To keep blemishes at bay, wash the pillowcases every three days and consider buying an entirely silk pillow which won't retain moisture or dust.

“Satin, silk and bamboo are better for acne-prone skin because they’re less absorbent and do not draw oil away from the face,”  dermatology nurse Sydney VanHoose advised.

In addition, rough fabrics can end up irritating spots that are already there.

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"Acne lesions are inflammatory in nature to begin with," she added.

"Irritation from rough fabrics can further inflame acne lesions and exacerbate breakouts."

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