My hubby makes £150k a month so I don’t have to work – now my only job is making sure the maid cleans properly | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she decided to marry a millionaire rather than follow her dream of becoming a doctor.

Stay-at-home wife Linda Andrade has sparked controversy online after admitting to never paying a bill in her life as her husband Ricky is the breadwinner.

23-year-old Linda once had dreams to be a doctor, but decided life would be easier living off Ricky's £150,000 a month salary as a real estate investor.

Speaking to Truly, she revealed she didn't believe in doing a 50-50 split in relationships.

"I believe that modern relationships that do 50-50 are unhappy. It's not natural," she said.

"I have never paid a bill in my life. I don't even know how to pay the mortgage… Bills are so irrelevant. Honestly, they're irrelevant to me."


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Linda went on: "I personally love doing household chores because I love taking care of my husband…

"I spoil him, I cook him his favourite meals and I make sure the house is clean. I hire a maid for the cleaning for the most part."

Linda often shares her lavish life on social media, and shared what she gets up to as a housewife in Dubai.

She revealed she spends her time annoying her husband while shopping for designer shoes with his money as well as travelling and 'managing her companies,' as she filmed herself getting beauty procedures.

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The housewife also spends her time filming TikToks, working out, and spending Ricky's money on real estate, and watching films.

But her videos have received negative backlash from viewers.

Labelling people as 'mean', she defended their marriage saying: "We've been together for a long time – before he's even had money.

"So I'm not trying to just take him for all he's worth."

And it isn't just people online who are sceptical of the couple's relationship.

He admitted that when his daughter told him she was going to be a stay-at-home wife, it 'did not sit well with [him]'.

Linda's dad urged her to be 'self-sufficient' instead of relying on her husband, and to go back to school, but Linda revealed studying wasn't a 'priority' at the moment.

A video of her showing how she spends her free time has since gone viral on her TikTok account @lionlindaa with 500k views.

People were quick to share their thoughts in the comments.

One person wrote: "How can people be so superficial!"

Another commented: "Most superficial girl alive."


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"Your living my dream," penned a third.

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