The worst cleaning combo which DOESN'T banish mould & could harm you – there's a £2 product which works every time | The Sun

THE worst cleaning combo which does nothing to banish mould has been revealed.

A TikTok cleaning whizz said the combination of bleach and white vinegar should "never" be used together – as it could release toxic fumes.

Jo – who runs the account Clean Up With Jo – said: "At this time of year mould can get out of hand, so I have some tips to keep it at bay."

She explained that a "top tip" is to use white vinegar.

Jo added: "It's great, especially on paint, where you might not want to use bleach".

But she said: "Remember you should never use bleach and vinegar together – or even in the same room."

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The combination of bleach and vinegar can create a harmful chlorine gas which could damage your lungs – and in rare cases, may prove fatal.

She said the best product to rid your home of mould is a £2 bottle of Domestos bleach spray.

Jo said: "It's great for killing bacteria and viruses and also working on the stains from mould and cutting through soap scum."

Meanwhile, a fellow TikToker shared how to banish condensation – which can lead to mould – using a 50p hack.

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Olivia filled a small container with fine-grain or regular table salt.

The salt helps to trap and absorb moisture.

Olivia isn't the first person to recommend the hack on TikTok.

Plenty of people have vouched for the ingenious tip, Nazia recommended the hack last year and decided to film her results.

In the video, Nazia placed a bowl of salt under her window to see if it would prevent condensation from the snow outside.

To her surprise, no condensation formed.

You can buy 750g of table salt for £1.50 from Tesco, meaning the hack will cost you just 50p if you use a third of the salt for each windowsill.

Another cleaning whizz has found a genius way to keep condensation at bay using one household favourite – Fairy washing-up liquid.

After you've wiped the windows down with the popular kitchen staple, condensation should soon be a problem of the past.

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