I tried to tint my own eyebrows with hair dye – I was left in tears, they look so awful… safe to say I won’t do it again | The Sun

EYEBROW tint is a godsend for fair-haired girlies who aren’t a fan of the flaxen look and can’t be bothered with applying pomade every day. 

But it can be an art to get right yourself, because any accidental smudges or misapplications can quickly stain, leaving you with botched brows for weeks. 

One TikTok user, @ReaganMariet, recently found this out the hard way after attempting a quick DIY dye job on her eyebrows. 

In a clip posted on the account @UltimateByKomi, the unfortunate user began by concealing her forehead with her hand, and explaining to viewers how the mishap had occurred. 

“I decided to dye my hair right,” Reagan began, “and I thought ‘I’ve got dye left over, so I’ll dye my eyebrows, tint them a bit.’” 

“So I did that,” the exasperated-looking user continued, “and I went and tidied my room, so I hadn’t looked in the mirror or at my phone or anything.” 

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“And oh my god no, I can’t,” Reagan cringed. 

“Just prepare yourself for what you’re about to see,” she warned viewers. “Cos this is actually awful.” 

Reagan then removed her hand, showing off her huge, black brows, before bursting into something between a laugh and a sob. 

“Oh my God,” she added, “No!” before showing off another shot of her uber-dark blocky brows. 

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The clip racked up a whopping 975k views, with plenty of users sharing their nifty tips for eyebrow tint disasters in the comments. 

“Tint removes tint,” one informed her. “Give it a good scrub before you apply water to it.” 

“Just carve them out with concealer,” another recommended. 

A third had a slightly less helpful suggestion: “Just comb them up to meet your hairline.” 

If the clip isn’t enough to put you off, there’s a few easy steps you can take to ensure your own eyebrow tinting doesn’t take a similar turn.

You should always do a patch test before using a product to avoid any allergic reactions, and applying a petroleum jelly like Vaseline around your brow hair creates a barrier that stops the surrounding skin from staining.

Another important tip to avoid dye going too blocky or thick like Reagan’s is to apply tint in small amounts directly to the hairs rather than skin – most kits come with a spoolie to make this easier. 

And of course, always make sure to check them in the mirror once you’ve applied, to avoid a nasty surprise like this one! 

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