British hat brand loved by Princess Kate and Duchess Sophie is ‘affordable’

Kate, Princess of Wales and Duchess Sophie are known for their love of the outdoors, and both have a style to match.

While their impressive collection of stylish Barbour jackets and trench coats are staples in their autumnal wardrobes, fedora hats are their go-to accessory.

The unisex style is characterised by its soft brim and indented crown which is typically creased lengthwise down the crown and “pinched” near the front on both sides.

Fedora hats have long been a statement piece in female fashion and for many years, royal women have stuck to just a handful of British retailers to source them.

One of which is Hicks and Brown, a patriotic atelier that specialises in “timeless fedora hats, trilbys and accessories to complement a town or country lifestyle”.

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Loved by both Kate and Sophie, the Duchesses have been seen donning the British label on several occasions in the past.

Most recently, the Princess of Wales stepped out in the Suffolk Fedora in Dark Brown (£99) while attending a church service in Balmoral yesterday.

The country-style design is finished with a game bird feather and a smart brown leather rim to define the inner brim.

Kate debuted the fedora for the first time on this occasion, but it’s not the only hate she owns by Hicks and Brown.

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The Princess’s wardrobe is complete with two other British-made fedoras, specifically the Hicks and Brown Suffolk Fedora in Navy (£99).

On the website, the accessory is described as: “A stunning wool felt water resistant fedora. Featuring natural pheasant feathers which elegantly wrap around the crown and finished with a neat Hicks & Brown pin tab. Made in England and as each is unique, feather colours may vary slightly.”

This specific style was last worn by Kate on January 5, 2020, though it could well make a return as an autumn 2023 staple.

Kate, 42, also owns an identical version of the Suffolk hat in green and was last spotted in it during her 10th wedding anniversary family video back in April 2021.

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh is also a fan of the stylish brand, though she prefers more neutral tones to Princess Kate.

The 58-year-old owns the Hicks and Brown Suffolk Fedora in Camel with Pheasant Feather Wrap (£99), and has worn it on several occasions.

First debuted by Sophie in May 2018 at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, the accessory has since been worn on four occasions throughout 2019 in both summer and winter.

The description on the website reads: “This stunning wool felt Suffolk Fedora is hand-finished with a pheasant feather wrap.”

Sophie and Kate’s love for the British designer has been passed onto Lady Louise Windsor too, who recently donned the Duchess of Edinburgh’s favourite Hicks and Brown fedora.

The 19-year-old teamed the smart accessory with a matching jacket in the same neutral tone as the hat for the occasion.

While most hats by the brand retail for £99, the style was branded “quite affordable” by royal fashion fans on Twitter, with one claiming that the atelier’s collection is ideal for “anyone wanting to dress like a Princess or Duchess”.

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