I'm an American mom in Spain – I always thought I kept my kids clean until I moved here, they surprised me at daycare | The Sun

AN American abroad has been left shocked by how well the daycares in Spain treat their babies.

When picking up her little one after a long day, she noticed that her daughter smelled and looked better than when she was dropped off.

TikToker and girl mom Emily (@mamainmadrid) uprooted her life in the states and moved to Spain with her daughter.

As she navigates motherhood abroad, she often shares interesting tidbits and funny experiences on social media.

In a recent video, she said she was impressed by the teachers in Madrid.

“Things in Spain that would surprise US Americans,” she began.

Recreating her experience at daycare, she said: “Hi, I’m here to pick up my daughter.”

The teacher then passed the baby over, and when Emily received her, she was taken aback by her appearance.

“She’s so clean! And she smells so good. I think she’s even cleaner than when I dropped her off,” she told the teacher.

That’s when the teacher told her how they care for their students: “Of course! We always wash the baby’s face, brush their hair, and perfume them before they go home.”

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Embarrassed by her own lack of attention to detail, Emily told a white lie: “Of course. I do the same at home too.”

In the caption, however, she revealed the truth: “I always thought I did a good job at keeping my kid clean until I moved to Spain.

“Baby cologne? Sign me up!”

Viewers said the perfume was standard in some cultures.

“As a Hispanic it’s normal to have our babies wear perfume/cologne,” one revealed.

“My mom used to douse us with perfume after our baths. She’s a Spaniard,” another echoed.

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