BBC Strictly’s Nigel Harman breaks silence with cryptic post after ‘storming off’ dance floor

Nigel Harman has broken his silence after appearing to 'storm off' the dance floor on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday after the judges gave him feedback for his performance with Katya Jones.

Ex-EastEnders actor Nigel, 50, look disappointed after the judges critiqued his Quickstep, and in a video posted to social media, Nigel could be seen leaving the floor just seconds after the BBC cameras stopped filming, leaving Katya, 34, confused.

Following his latest Strictly performance, which took place in the iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom, Nigel returned to social media on Monday morning with a lengthy message about focusing on emotions in his daily meditation session.

Alongside a snap of himself from a photoshoot, Nigel penned: "We are continuing our focus on emotions this week. Today’s meditation explores how practising gratitude regularly can help cultivate a more positive mindset and increase feelings of well-being and contentment.

"Let’s find a comfortable position…..closing the eyes or lowering the gaze….. Allowing yourself to settle and taking a full breath; in for five, then out for five. Do this a couple of times and when you are ready filling the body with a half-smile of kindness. Imagining a warm, glowing feeling in the chest, growing through the belly and down to your feet, radiating throughout the body."

He went on to advise his followers to think about gratefulness, saying: "Ask yourself, 'What am I grateful for today?'

"Don’t overthink it, it doesn’t need to be deep, it can be family, friends, or a favourite walk or mug. Just something that brings a little smile or comfort. Bring this image or person to mind and notice how it feels in the body, using a curious, kind attention."

Nigel concluded his lengthy post by adding: "Allowing this positive feeling of gratitude to fill the entire being. And when you’re ready, opening the eyes.

"Trying to think about all the things you are grateful for can help bring awareness as you go through the day. Don’t worry if you find this hard initially, asking the question is a good start. Over time you will notice there are things to be grateful for everywhere. N x I encourage you to share below, our gratitude can spread through this chat and out into the world."

Fans took the opportunity to share their support for Nigel under the post, with many praising his Strictly performances.

"You both did so well on Saturday. Hated seeing you so upset. You didn’t let the show down so try not to beat yourself up about it," one person wrote.

A second said: "I am grateful for my eyes that enable me to experience the joy of watching SCD and you are part of that joy Don't let the need to please the judges take away your joy of dancing".

"Good morning Nigel. I loved your dance on Saturday night. You and Katya lit up my television screen. Don’t give up. I want you to win," a third fan penned.

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