My tiny home has a unique, customizable feature that maximizes space – but people say it triggers their claustrophobia | The Sun

ONE RV resident was eager to show his home's distinctly unique feature – but the space-saving element was not for everyone.

He posed a challenge for others to also tell him about their own unusual home designs.

"What's that one unique thing that your house does that most houses don't do?" asked Dan, one-half of (@wearedanandsam).

The husband and father was indeed ready to give a tour of his own transformative feature in the tiny home.

"I'll show you mine right now," he said as the house started to move.

The kitchen area and dining table that were once separated now came together as one.

This space-saving component was not only unique – it altered the entire look of the home.

Even the drawers in the bedroom were able to be pushed closer to the bed.

One intrigued viewer had a question for the RV dweller: "I just want to know how."

"They are slide-outs in an RV! " he said of how the movable magic happened.

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The feature might have maximized the family's space, but not everyone was enthusiastic about the home's enhanced design.

"I think I have claustrophobia," one follower said of how the not-for-the-faint-of-heart mechanism triggered her fear.

"I would be scared it would close on me while sleeping," said another scared viewer.

Yet one amused watcher said it reminded her of something from her childhood: "My Barbie house did this when I was young."

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